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  1. I have an extra lami lis10mhc 10' bottom for some random reason but might be too small. You can have it if you want to give it a shot local pickup flushing ny. I was gonna throw it out anyway. Pm me if u want it
  2. Ban striped bass harvest and eat some porgies.
  3. Pic of 1081l and distance to reel seat?
  4. Yes I forgot about all those indigenous Black Germans The obvious point of that guys post was thay he calls on everyone.
  5. What is a European for 200 Alex
  6. Just follow them home and seduce and sleep with their wife.
  7. Hi i will pass thank you though! @Dr. Darter
  8. Hi how much do you want for it @Dr. Darter
  9. I've learned to always keep a 3oz tin. It's saved me many times when the fish are just on the edge of casting range.
  10. WOW thats so nice!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  11. Cool! How much for both they look neat @Kphresh
  12. The newer version, thanks!
  13. Remove center and clip one hook off if the tail is usually my go to for 3 hook freshwater stuff
  14. Wtb Norcalkat slappin pencil 7 inch version.