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  1. I get doc to write a script for a box of Scopolomine patches. Only thing that works for me
  2. Half the fun is finding them on your own, and the other half is tricking them into eating a piece of lead with hair on it. If your gonna play a video game, there are probably alot better ones out there, but like they say, there is a booty for every chair.
  3. Can i see the bottoms? Thanks
  4. Ordered Black 27 in May haven't heard anything.
  5. One feature I did like on the Crack 300 was the locking mechanism which you could turn near the handle to stop the handle from moving at any position.
  6. Excluding Bucktail because I guess its more of a Jig? SS Darter Mikes Dredge Darter Hydro Minnow SS Littleneck SS Needlefish
  7. I'd get 5 stellas, sell them and buy a 1997 nissan sentra.
  8. Changed the timing to 4 o'clock along with the smaller handle resolved the issue. Thank you!
  9. With no handle assembly at all on, nothing moves. It appears that the handles weight is enough to move the rotor ever so slightly. Took the knob off of the assembly completely just left the handle arm and the issue still persists. Going to adjust the timing to 4 o'clock to see if any change occurs. Thanks
  10. Unless you got some $$$ to "lobby" showing up at a meeting and yelling about fish ain't gonna get you anything more than posting online will.
  11. On my vsx275 When the handle is at any position, even 6 o'clock, sometimes the rotor will "drift" anywhere from 1/2 an inch to a full inch or more. All seals replaced last month as well as A.R. Initially i thought it was the heavier knob so I swapped it for a standard knob. No difference. Then i thought maybe the longer handle arm was causing an issue so i put a standard length arm on. No difference. Rotor doesnt seem to move on a cast itself, or if it does it moving so little its hard to tell. My 100/150/200/250 don't do this. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Really love the New Hampshire coast
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