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  1. I saw a video on YouTube Commanch surfcasting where he uses a paintball pod with a clasp taped to it so he could hang from surfbelt......
  2. ok message me your info
  3. will you take 60
  4. EBB Point makes a quality bag , been using mine for 2nd year no issues
  5. wanting to buy CCW Jetty swimmer
  6. The bag slides on belt, very easy to access plugs.
  7. but bluefish hit the tail hook 90% time and Stripers hit the belly hook
  8. VMC inlines
  9. switching my tail hooks out to singles on my SPs , What is everyone's go to size for the VMC single hook ?
  10. anyone wanna trade a VR175 for VSX150 silver. can add cash on top. VR was purchased in April, converted to bailess but have kit, box and bag
  11. I dont have the spikes for my korker boots so I use the strap on ones.... thanks for noticing
  12. what is everyone using for their tide and weather Apps ? I'm using Magic seaweed but looking for somthing that shows all the above , tide , wind , moon and possibly barometric pressure
  13. I wish I could get one of these rac a rods, but he's not making them at the moment
  14. if they want it bad enough it doesn't matter what you have holding it down. it's a shame can't walk into a restaurant or local pub without worrying about your gear