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  1. used in good condition 3 tube Gear Up plug bag. Has some light stains but other than that nothing wrong with bag. 150.00 plus 8.00 shipping Or would like to trade for smaller ebbpoint or gear up 2 tube bag
  2. my mistake..... I'll start a separate post....
  3. *edit - please read the BST guidelines and rules pinned to the top before posting in the BST again. thanks
  4. WTB CCW Jetty swimmer
  5. same thing happen to me with my last replacement korkers, just recieved new pair and gonna try and anti seize the threads on each spike and see if that works
  6. I was using a VSX 200 and it balanced out fine for me and have idea of COR
  7. if you really want it and can meet me tonight I'll do 150.00
  8. I can be anywhere from cherry hill to Tom's river
  9. where are you from ?
  10. only reason I'm selling is I have 3 - 10'6 rods so need to get rid of 1 possibly 2
  11. rod is a perfect plugging rod
  12. ok I have someone interested in my 10 '6 Lami lf that sells I'll buy yours.....
  13. let me think about it, not interested in bag ?
  14. HAHA yes ..... 3 tube