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  1. I have a 7'6 Weapon Jr with a 3000 Twin Power and the 7'10" Weapon Stradic 5000 and VS50Gen 2. The Weapon is my hands down choice, has more feel and is more of a moderate action than the Jr. I cast everything from non-weighted Albie Snax to the Big Doc with the Weapon. Casting plug weight is very dependent on reel choice . I have a 5000 Stradic that casts the heavier weights much further than my VS50Gen 2.. YMMV. 1-2 oz it's very nice. Every fish, (Striper or bluefish), small or large is fun on this rod. The Weapon Jr has been taken by my wife who will outfish most guys and only fishes "jumpy" she has doubles of all of the colors and will only fish them. And it casts Jumpy very well. I like the Weapon better. The Jr has no weight, I mean it's light. It's as light as my Mudhole MHX Saltwater stick. The Jr is faster, read stiffer, doesn't load as well (for me), and doesn't have the feel and flex, read bend, that either Mudhole MHX or Weapon. Please do not misread the above, I am not a reviewer, it is my opinion only. Next year I may buy the 7' Weapon. Do I need it , nope, but I want to try it.
  2. I am dealing with the same issue. My motor runs are short, my spots are fairly close together, so the Minn Kota MK-*-DC wont help me much. But I do spend lots of time on Spot Lock (at anchor). Minn Kota Terrova -24v 80lb thrust. Boat is kept in a slip with shore power charging my 2-12v deep cycle dedicated trolling motors with a Minn Kota charger. Spot lock, especially in current, eats up battery life. Looking for folks experience, real world switch over to 24v Lithium battery and recommendations on which brand and where to buy .... and if it's worth the expense and effort. tx
  3. You can always tell when a boy was raised properly. That kindness and lack of selfishness will stay with him! Well done Dad! bc
  4. So I had a thought. What if , I grabbed my rod, walked across the street from my house, hooked my plug to the baseball field backstop chain fence, loosened my drag, and walked off a distance that removed the line from the spool till I felt the line lay was even.... Then turnaround, tighten the drag to a little more than I normally use to fish... Walk back to the plug, reeling, while keeping a good amount of tension on the line. The line "tightened" up on the spool and was a bit more level, not perfect but better... I decided to go to the boat and try it.. Wind blowing steady 10-13 mph from the South... Good test! Fished for 2 hours, hit 2 decent blitzes on the surface, landed a couple dozen schoolies, 20"-28" . Not 1 knot. Next , I will go back to the ball field , walk off more line, repeat process until I get the line lay level, and tight and fish it until I see if I get any knots. I did have the local shop respool my line, by machine and fished for a week or so without issue... But then , the knots began. Let's see how this goes.
  5. Wow. Thanks for all of the replies! I have read em all and I think I'm going to agree with tamd331, in that the reel spool/ Weapon guide size may the issue. . Also worth noting, I have had the VR50 respooled twice, line off re-spun on by my local tackle shop... After fishing, the line is loose and coned to the rear again. i stopped by there again yesterday and asked that the unspool it and stack the backing to make up the difference of depth on the front of the spool to make up for the cone shape. They told me not to and suggest every 20-25 casts, to let the line out past casting distance and reel it in with a heavy plug on it for weight.... I think not. I also ran 2- VS150's 20 years a go, never had this type of issue. The issue with them was rare and usually on windy days when I would somehow get line behind and under the spool, which was a real hoot in the middle of a blitz or night fishing. I'm going to try the VS50 on my wife's Weapon Jr and see if it it's better. The Stradic 5000 is going back on the Weapon. bc
  6. I'll give it a try
  7. Thanks MattieG My VR50 is a couple months old. Don't like Powerpro? can I ask why? Tell me about Spiderwire invisabraid tx bc
  8. Hi All, Picked up a new VR50 2 weeks a go, using it on My 7'10" Century Weapon... Had been using a Stradic 5000... Both reels spooled with blue 20lb power pro. Couple of observations. The Stradic 5000, seems to cast heavier plugs better, and never ever have a windknot. Never. The VR50 doesn't like heavier plugs, and I throw at least 2 nasty windknots every outing. The Stradic line lay is perfect, even from front to back. VR50 line lay is larger on the rear of the spool than the front, kinda like a cone . Not dramatic but noticeable. I think this is the cause of the windknots... Can't remember if I need to add a washer or take one out. Line was spooled by the same guy on both, nice even pressure , not overfilled. Also, I dont really like the stock handle/knob on the VR50. Other than the upgraded VanStaal knob, what else is out there? Thanks bc
  9. Congrats! were you reeling painfully slow? hehe
  10. I just read that thread. I'm tired, but, seems like no one ever landed on anything definitive. The one I have is 4 months old. If someone figures it out the difference, post it here and we will all know. Till then and probably after that, I'm just gonna fish it and be happy. Cheers.
  11. 9" Sluggos... I like that idea.
  12. Perfect!
  13. No one knows how to tell a VR50 Gen 1 from Gen 2? I thought I'd get a very definitive answer here... hmmm
  14. I like that! How log is it 3.5 - 4" ? Most of my Mac flies are synthetic, but I like the look of that one. bc
  15. Curious. How do I differentiate between a VR50 Gen 1 and Gen 2? S/N ? I tried "The Google" and had no luck. I know you guys know? ..I have a Stradic 5000 now on my Century weapon 7'10" and have an opportunity to move up to the VR50 in Silver. 20 years a go , I had 2 VS150's, loved em. For some reason or other moved away from them , looking back idunno why. Thanks- bc