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  1. I have one that currently lives on a 9’ Medium Daiwa Saltist light action surf rod, and it feels like a great match for that rod. It also feels good on my smaller 7’ MH inshore travel rod.
  2. I agree with this so long as it’s the right type/size for the buyers intended use. If not most people will just strip it and toss it rather than strip it and save it to use on a different reel as they could.
  3. It sounds like you have something much more enjoyable than fishing right now. I think my fishing gear would be playing second fiddle in that scenario as well.
  4. I've not had the pleasure of having any walleye jump, but think that would be cool to see.
  5. I find their plastics to be a lot like the Yamamoto stuff where you are sacrificing durability for the sake of action. Overall the baits I have tried have been ok, but not enough to lure me away from the stuff I normally use.
  6. Definitely should have thrown that one back.
  7. I’ll have to take a look at some of these suggestions. I wish I had a shop local to me that carried some of this stuff so I could see them first hand. I did get hands on with the Okuma Nomad Inshore travel rod and honestly came away a little underwhelmed. It has a decent build, but was honestly no nicer than the $100 Silver hook that I already have, and the Nomad has a retail of $169. I also think the Nomad is a little heavy which is likely a result of the aluminum reel seat. The Silver Hook is noticeably lighter in hand than the Nomad. Overall if I had to choose between the two I think I’d give the nod to the Silver Hook. It has equal build quality, is lighter, and is a good bit cheaper. I would love to get hands on with the Daiwa Ardito as I’ve enjoyed every Daiwa rod I’ve used so far. The St Croix Avid trek is also one I want to try.
  8. This is our Pit/Dalmation mix rescue. He is a 11 month old wrecking ball, but he's awesome.
  9. I took a look at those, but it's hard to find a ton of feedback on them. I have also looked at the TFO Traveler rods, which appear like to use solid components, but again there isn't much feedback to be had on them.
  10. The Daiwa Saltist light action surf rods seem like they may excel with this for those that need a two piece rod. They have the STIN832MLFS model which is an 8'3" ML rated for 3/16-1.
  11. You can put them in any normal container that you would use for other baits. You just have to make sure that it is new, and hasn't been used to store other plastics(plastisol) baits previously. I generally just carry a few packs in their original bags though, because I find that they last long enough that I don't go through them near as fast as other plastics. This eliminates the need for me to carry a bunch of them.
  12. Mainly for taking on flights. While I know I can generally fit a two piece in an overhead bin, I would prefer to go with the shorter packed length of the 3-4 piece rods.