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  1. Doesn't work all the time. Play different set of rival through out the season. Different injuries dictate records. Some type of playoff is needed. 1 game seems tough. But football does it. Playoffs, bring a game, every game or go home. By the way, life long Dodgers fan Go Blue.
  2. Oneida looks like it could get bad with that much wind. Never fished it. But pass every year heading to a Canada for the Last 25 plus years except for last 2. That's how we ended on Champlain. Good luck.
  3. Sussuquehanna river night fishing after the Maryland moratorium. 5 in rebel broken backs. Fishing out of a 12 ft jon boat. Hit river about 10 pm and fish till about day break. Other times wading the river with same tackle to get to areas that were challenging with the boat. Bats diving at the bugs around your head, stepping off a rock into a deep pocket. Good times. Then the flats pre-spawn. Shallow water top water fishing. 1 cast could be a 3 lber, next a 30 lber. 100 fish days were not uncommon. Good ole days. Now it's a fraction of the fishery it was.
  4. That or you could sit there with hand on ban button 24/7 like some other site. Banning based on own bias views.
  5. Just back from a week on lake Champlain. North Hero area.. Caught plenty of largemouth from 2.5 lbs to 4.5 lbs. Some pike up to about 6 lbs and a few smallies in the 3 to 3.5 lb range. Wind can be brutal up there and make it tough to target smalliies, but plenty of places to hid and catch largemouth and pike. Able to use many technics.
  6. Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childress, Merle Haggard, Any and all outlaw country. Allman brothers. I'm all over the board. Rock country blues.
  7. Trusting Sharpton is like trusting a snake who's tail you are standing on. He is a chameleon. And will blend and attack. Target will benefit his bank account. .
  8. Not a chub. Eyes and hook cups are wrong. Lip screws appear to be off set slightly. No reinforced lip. Possible home mod or prototype by someone else.
  9. Another tubi documentary. "Live the Stream". Man is amazing. Time of video he is 86 yrs old. Out teaching 3 plus days a week. Life long passion. Or Long life passion.
  10. Have driven through there every year around that time but the last 2 to go to Canada. The rivers are stacked with fisherman. If you do not like crowds, be ready. I would assume it's prime time. According to the number of people fishing. Sorry, all info I have.
  11. You didn't see this coming when bump stocks were outlawed? This journey start in inches. Inches grow to feet, feet grows to yards. It's like a football game. We need to push back that line. Firearm owners are a ununited group. Content when their little piece of the firearms world when it's not being attacked.
  12. It was good. I'm not a fly fisherman. I have always been fascinated by fly fishing and tying flies. I was up early yesterday and this morning. Turned it on yesterday and finished this morning. Looking for trips for grandsons. Might have to consider the Catskills.
  13. Currently watching on TUBI. Cool documentary on fly fishing the Catskills.
  14. Currently watching on TUBI. Cool documentary on fly fishing the Catskills.
  15. Life long Orioles fan. They suck the life out of me right now. I expected a rough season, but this!