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  1. Yeah there was a good breeze yesterday. They could have used that for the race today. Nice clear picture from that drone though
  2. Nice, any shots of the sailboats coming around the point today?
  3. Been consistently getting fish at sunrise off the rocks the last few days. Caught on a variety of plugs, doesn't seem to be a pattern. All have been in the 24-30" range which is encouraging I guess. A lot of talk of impending doom with only big fish around and very few slot sized fish, but that's all I've seen the last few weeks.
  4. The world's oceans are a super highway of cargo ships, filled with oil wells, fish farms, massive fishing fleets that suck up tons of fish at a time. A few windmills offshore is far from first step or a significant leap forwards of industrializating of the oceans.
  5. Why yield to boat fisherman when you're on shore? I mean if there's a boat out there when I get to my spot I won't cast around it. But if I'm fishing and a boat pulls up in front of me then I don't yield to them, I keep fishing right where I was.
  6. Vanguard has very low fees for their funds which is a big bonus for long term investing.
  7. With a Roth he'd not deferring the taxes, he's paying them upfront and avoiding paying them on the gains.
  8. Presumably if he held it in a Roth he'd make out better, avoiding taxes on the gains
  9. I picked up one for my son to use for freshwater and light saltwater fishing (snappers and stuff). It's been great for that, smooth enough and no issues so far.
  10. Finneus


    Shorts and neoprene socks in the summer Neoprene wet suit pants when things turn colder. I didn't even use my waders last season
  11. True, need to get enough grease in there that don't spin during the cast, then it's usually ok
  12. Lose the bail, problem solved
  13. I haven’t done this work professionally in a long time and I’m sure it’s nuts now with material costs and labor shortages, etc. But I read an article in Fine Homebuilding a while back that said the most profitable contractors typically only win 30-40% of the bids they submit. Any more than that and you’re probably underestimating the job and leaving profit on the table. You end up being flooded with work and not making much money in the end. Any less and you’re probably not busy enough to pay your overhead.
  14. Yep, I stole his idea as well and have 2 different size shell pouches. The shell holders do a great job holding the lure and they’re cheap.
  15. Yeah I picked up a little mini ryobi router at HD because it was on sale and why not? I wish I splurged for the nicer Dewalt because I never reach for my corded porter cable router anymore. I pull the little battery powered router out for pretty much anything I do now.
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