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  1. Yep same happened to me and wife once each. They shut it down right away and I had a replacement debit card in my mailbox about 24 hours later.
  2. I recommend USAA to anyone that can join (veterans and family of veterans). We have our checking/savings and car/home/property insurance and I've used them for car loans too. They are great to work with on everything I've used them for, no annoying fees, great fraud protection (which I've needed a few times) and responsive customer service. They even refund your ATM charges up to $20/mo. The only drawback is they have no physical branches, everything is online or over the phone.
  3. Absolutely on using a tester as you play with this, especially since it sounds like you're still figuring out exactly how that circuit is run. Don't rely on a tripped breaker and assume wires are dead when disconnecting/connecting. Test before you touch copper.
  4. youtube...always believe what some conspiracy crank on youtube is telling you
  5. In my experience most inspectors are more even handed and willing to work with professionals much more so than homeowners. I've seen them fail a job over minor issues and tell homeowners that they should just hire a pro to avoid these problems in the future. Even if you're correct on a code issue if it's a small matter it's sometimes easier to change it to make them happy rather than fight them on it. Obviously this doesn't apply with big issues where the change would cost you a lot of money.
  6. Right? I was just reading the fluking from shore thread and thinking of giving it a try with a lack of consistent bass fishing the last few years. Then I'm thinking by the time I get that figured out fluke stocks will be reduced and we'll have stricter limits on them.
  7. It is not a violation of NEC as far as I know, but some towns/states have weird things in their codes about mixing wire sizes. Also, even if it's not a code violation that doesn't mean a local inspector won't make you change it if he sees it. Inspectors can bust your chops on stuff like that because 1) it's not a common practice and they don't like seeing weird things and 2) it's not very professional and they don't like that either. Either way, it's not safety issue as the breaker is sized correctly for the 14 gauge wire. That being said, why would they need an electrical inspection if they go to sell the house? Most routine home inspectors wouldn't be opening junction boxes to check wire sizes or anything.
  8. Saw some small pods of bunker lazily drifting around in close by Newport this past weekend, nothing feeding on them though
  9. It is crazy that the state that is the most important to producing future generations of bass has such loose restrictions. 2 fish/day at 19-28" must put a big dent in future breeding stock each year?
  10. No, never said you should stop eating fish. If I did please quote me directly. I said, for the third time now, that the most impact on the fishery would be to eliminate all keeping of striped bass as that kills the most fish when you add rec and commercial together. Note I am not separating out commercial vs rec keeping.
  11. If people ate bass the way they eat beef or chicken then stripers would be gone in short order.
  12. And you're the one who complains about other people's reading comprehension? I never said I should be this or you should be that. You keep assigning value judgements to things that are neutral. The fishery doesn't care that you eat your fish or that other people have dead releases, the only thing that matters is the # of fish killed and more fish are killed by comm operators and rec harvesting. Those are facts based on the current numbers we have.
  13. Nope, not at all. Never once here have I said you shouldn't be allowed to eat them or that I don't kill some % of those I release. I have said that the greatest overall benefit to the fishery would be to eliminate all keeping of fish as that would do more than eliminating C&R. But you think eating a fish is special for some reason.
  14. I know, I believe your 100% mortality rate is better than a 9% mortality rate for C&R.
  15. Or...eliminate all keeping of bass, commercial and rec, which would have the biggest impact. But you don't like that option so you don't even consider it.