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  1. That’s been my go-to as well. 1.5 mm pants are comfy until the water starts cooling off again
  2. Did something similar for my plug bag. Bought a relatively cheap molle pouch off Amazon, put some grommets in the bottom for drainage and 2 tubes for plugs. About $20 all in.
  3. Always have: Bucktails (3/4, 1 oz) Pt Jude Sandeel Runoff Sandeel SS Darter yellow Joebaggs Swarter blue over white 2-3 needles Gibbs Polaris popper Everything else rotates based on conditions
  4. Sounds like a backpack would be the best option. Look on amazon, there are a bunch of different options out there. The quality can vary quite a bit but most are pretty inexpensive. Even if you beat it up and have to replace it after a season or two, you're not out a ton of money.
  5. Yep, was always told that growing up, topwater plugs are for daytime. Then one night I was fishing down the beach from these two guys, I was having no luck and I could see they were catching. Then I see they are using poppers so I switched it up and starting catching too. I talked to them a little later and they just laughed at the old rule about poppers at night. "this is fishing, there are no rules"
  6. Is it just NY to MA that doesn’t have reciprocity? Below is from MA website, CT has similar language: Reciprocity agreements Massachusetts has reciprocity agreements with: New Hampshire: MA to NH and NH to MA Rhode Island: MA to RI and RI to MA Connecticut: MA to CT and CT to MA Maine: MA to ME only These agreements allow MA recreational saltwater permit holders to recreationally fish in NH, RI, CT, and ME. Read each agreement for specific details. Be aware that regulations vary from state to state.
  7. Creek Chub Striper Strikers are nice little topwater plugs that can pop or be swam a little. They come in 1 oz snd 1 1/2 oz I think and are cheap.
  8. What are the FL regs?
  9. Maine, Mass, RI, CT and NY have a reciprocity agreement for saltwater rec licenses but each manages the license how they want. So fees are managed locally but once you have any license you’re good in any state
  10. And getting the dust on you on a hot day when you’re sweating makes it stick like glue.
  11. We were out on Lido Beach yesterday and they shut down swimming for an hour or two due to sighting just up the beach from us. Lifeguard reported seeing a fin, thought to be a brown shark
  12. Not yet, still waiting to hear back from building dept
  13. Yes, a good surprise and a big improvement over the last guy. He wasn't corrupt, just lazy. I'll see what this guy says and go from there.
  14. That was my thought too after dealing with our previous inspector but I reached out and our new guy is much more receptive. I sent him some pictures and a sketch of how I’d do it with the beam in place and if it’s removed. He said based on pics the beam might be ok but he needed to put eyes on it. He is supposed to come out tomorrow and take a look and let me know which way he wants it done. if he says beam is no good then I remove it, put down termite shield, sill membrane and PT sill and build up from there. thanks for the discussion guys
  15. For sure if I was building new, but I really didn't want to take this off and redo the sill because it's tied into the framing where it meets the house on both ends.