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  1. I thought Brads selection at Buzzfly was one of his best this winter. He probably has some left
  2. I have one and have a Hobie and have used many other types over the years...that being said I enjoy my NuCanoe and use it for freshwater. I have an regular electric motor and extension tiller on the flat stern and its great. I also have a trailer. Super stable and comfortable. But that is freshwater. I use my Hobie Revo in the ocean and rougher water as it is far superior to the the NuCanoe in the ocean and bay. The NuCanoe is heavy and slow to paddle and although stable its a tank and I would not want to go far paddling it as I find the Revo easier and more efficient. I am older though and not as agile anymore and maybe a young fit person would do better but still not a great paddling boat. If you had a motor though I bet it would be stable and good in the chop. Its wide and that helps stability but makes paddling harder.
  3. I went with the Yak Power system a few years ago and am very happy with it. Surprised more don't use it. Its a little work to set up but manageable and you are super visible to other boaters. It really stands out to the point that other boaters have no idea idea what is in the water and thus slow down more than the visi-pole lights. Completely does not scare fish either and maybe attracts.
  4. I love the 3/5/7 Sci Anglers. I think it casts great! for a sinking line. Don't mind the texture and it helps when its cold so the line does not slip in my fingers. Sinks quick and casts very much like a normal line.
  5. I too have been fishing this way too and I totally agree with you. Being able to cast these flies the farther the better when you are counting it down and the beast style in my opinion is way harder to get distance. Benefits of the action of the beast fly don't exceed the benefits of more distance with the Farrar/Flatwing styles. And I think they sink quicker.
  6. Why is it then that the tournament bass anglers often have mono/flouro line on their rigs? And they are sponsored by companies that make both? These guys make their living putting fish in the boat and can have anything as far as equipment yet mono/flouro is common?
  7. Its not SOL or the Beach Cams or some baitshop reports. These are just excuses you can blame for the crowds. In reality if someone sees something on a beach cam do you really think that there are that many fisherman sitting in their houses close by with nothing to do that can immediately run to the beach? How many of those are there? What really happens is people decide to fish that day and they head out and drive around. This time of year that's a lot of people. They talk to friends on cell phones ( some of them)and drive around and if they see birds they check it out. It is traditionally the prime season on a Saturday. Guess what people are going to head out and fish. Nobody believes that much of what is said here or the bait shops which have been posting positive reports from the beginning of time. They are going to drive around and look like they always did. Now the excuse is beach cams....relax on the spot burns too-- you are not to blame ... stop bitching about the internet (which some of you can't help but constantly post on) and accept there are lots of fisherman out pursuing their fishing on a depleted fishery. Enjoy what you can of it, live in reality and go from there.
  8. Welcome back! Some classic historical SOL threads you blessed us with! Look forward to hearing from you.
  9. J Vice... one of my best purchases! Love its functions and looks
  10. Albies on #6 is not unual in MTK when they are on the bay anchovies. They can get really picky with size at times. No problem holding them with a good quality #6
  11. His stuff was the best I had seen...gifted with the deer hair.
  12. Is the Outbound Short in #10 Floating still in play?
  13. Use the 9 and don't worry about the "overkill" what is that concern anyway? You will cast farther with the 9 and if you manage to catch trout or salmon on it you will be very happy and not bummed out about perceived overkill. You are comfortable with it and the sinking line is fine and you cast it further and its not broken.
  14. Surprised nobody has mentioned Myerchin. They are made for salt water and made for cutting rope, cord ect which is what is needed in an emergency situation. Blunt tip is good and serrations go thru rope faster so that is what you want in a yak knife. mine has not corroded in 20 yrs. with a little oil and cuts rope like butter.
  15. Mr B- it's a myth that it alters your DNA.