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  1. Saw my first couple bastards crawling on a sidewalk on FT Washington Ave in Washington Heights yesterday. Haven’t seen them yet here in the East Bronx, but it’s just a matter of time…
  3. Wait, what??
  4. Not for nothin’, but if you’re gonna be in BK and looking to fish, why not just hit the East River/Upper NY Harbor waterfront? Plenty to catch there.
  5. Old sharpie that I know (been fishing stripers 50+ years) swears that one can distinguish Chesapeake vs. Hudson bass by dorsal coloration: one is more green, while one is more blue/grey/slate. I forget now which he says is which. Sounds like an old fisherman’s tale to me, but he’s adamant about it.
  6. I’ve fished 5” magdarters in yellow, bone, bronze, and blurple. I’ve fished em fast, slow, straight, erratic, day, night. Unfortunately, I’ve built no confidence with these lures, as I’ve never gotten so much as a tap with one, even when bass are slamming other minnow lures. I get hits on hydro minnows and bombers, but nothing draws hits for me like the SP, so it’s always interesting to see people who report the opposite. I dunno what gives. Maybe the magdarters just don’t work as well in my environment — shallow bay in the Western LIS — as they do in the surf or inlets. IMO they cast pretty well (better than bombers, for example), but not as well as SPs or hydro minnows.
  7. After making my peace with bait fishing, I’ve had some great action on fresh bunker chunks over the past two weeks. Tons of bunker here in the bay in the Bx; Ms Piggy and the Heifers have been hitting them. Had some fantastic fights with big fish on big bunker head chunks (whatever sized bass are taking a chunk of that size on a 9/0 gama circle), but each time my FF rig snapped at the braid (30lb) knot on the swivel. I was running the FF slider on the braid main line, which works fine for ~30” fish, but the slobbos hitting these bunker heads are beasts, so I’ve decided to run the FF slider on a 60lb mono shock leader from now on. Had a few others on big belly chunks where the rig didn’t snap but the bass either spit the hook or it ripped out during a hard fight. Some big fish out there, hoping they stick around. Also getting some fat and angry schoolies and lower slot-sized bass on jumbo blood worms when I throw those. When the local B&T sold out of fresh bunker, I tried using some frozen mackerel. Stays on the hook surprisingly well when thawed and casts better than bunker chunks, but no one wants it. Chopped up several macks and not a tap. Not seeing any bluefish at all, which is a disappointment. Also been throwing a hi-lo rig with smaller worms and/or gulp, but nothing hitting those. I guess the porgy and fluke haven’t shown up here yet.
  8. Anyone here fished one of these new HD rods yet? I have the regular Rockaway 8' (3/4 - 2oz) and I love that rod for throwing lighter plugs and bucktailing (have handled fat upper slot-sized bass on it with no problem at all). I need a beefer rod for throwing bunker chunks and the 11' HD looks to be perfect for this.
  9. Finally broke my epic, Biblical-scale skunk the other night, caught a fat borderline slot bass on fresh bunker chunks. After about a week straight of seeing/hearing bunker pods in the bay at night with something hitting them — and throwing every lure I have at them without a bump — I finally came to grip with the writing on the wall, and decided that they just weren’t interested in anything artificial. I don’t enjoy baitfishing for bass nearly as much as throwing lures (I see it more like “trapping” as opposed to “hunting”), but the customer is always right. No hits on squid strips or sandworms either, looks like they just want the bunker chunks. Here in the Bx I’m only guaranteed to have consistent bass action on lures early in the Spring and late in the Fall (last year it didn’t kick in until after Thanksgiving), apparently. So be it.
  10. The bastards are swarming everywhere. Horrid “no-see-ums” have been on me like white on rice, day and night, when I go out. You won’t see-um, but you will feel-um, as their tiny bites itch more than ten mosquito bites and last for weeks. Last year I caught a cellulitis infection on my leg after I got destroyed by gnats one night near some salt marshes. Poor experience, wouldn’t recommend.
  11. Caught an upper slot sized bass back in April on an SP minnow. Fat boy flipped on me just as I was reaching over its body with my left hand and I got smacked with the rear treble under the nail of my ring finger. Sounded like cloth ripping, tore a deep gash across the whole finger tip. Wrapped up and kept fishing with blood dripping the whole time (didn’t wind up needing stitches thankfully, but this hurt like a MF). Glad I kept at it, as I caught more bass that one night than in the entire month of May. After this, I finally changed out all my rear trebles for Owner inlines.
  12. CC and Tsunami pencil poppers. If unloaded redfins count as “topwater” than those too.
  13. Bone, Blurple, Wonderbread, Chicken Scratch. Parrot works well too. Honestly, my impression has been that the action of the SP makes more of a difference than the color. If I only had one, I’d stick with bone and probably do just about as well as having a range of colors.
  14. Deployed same MO as usual yesterday evening here in the Bx, from around high tide through several hours of the outgoing into the night. Total skunk, yet again, no response to anything. I’m now convinced that there are at least bunker out there, however. After night set in, I could hear telltale “clicks” out in the bay, signs that bunker pods are on the surface. Plus could hear and (when within casting range) even see something hitting the surface making splashes. Unclear to me if these were bass or blues hitting bunker pods, or just the bunker themselves cavorting unmolested. For a couple of hours I threw pencils/poppers and minnows (SP/hydro) over and over on the hopes of something hitting, to no avail. If anything was on the bait out there, they were completely uninterested in what I had to offer. Maybe I need to soak bunker chunks instead, but I don’t particularly enjoy baitfishing for bass. Bait in the water is at least an encouraging sign, given the terrible state of fishing this month for me. I’m hoping that when spawning bass leave the Hudson, they’ll have a reason to swing through here for some juicy bunker. We’ll see. I have to have high hopes for June, as by about July the water here is too warm to have much of a chance of catching bass even in the dead of night. Last year, the “Fall Run” didn’t start for me until literally the day after Thanksgiving (water was so warm I was still catching porgy through the end of October).
  15. We’re all recovering alcoholics until the next drink.