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  1. small stripers
  2. Regulations for striped bass in Maryland are stupid. 19 inches minimum to keep a bass?! The entire northeast...New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts all throw 19 inch stripers back. Where do these fish go to spawn? The Chesapeake! Maryland! The northeast recreational and commercial get there bass from the Chesapeake. Maryland is over here allowing the harvest of small stripers. Maryland acts as if it's not in the same fishery as all the other states in the northeast.
  3. we need more not flat rocks lol. this is active fishing not passive fishing with a sami and beer in your hand.
  4. replenishing beaches is a waste. must stop.
  5. Tbh with braid and a bucktail, bass and blues set the hook on themselves. Usually give it one good yank to penetrate the hook.
  6. Looks good!
  7. Action taken was circle hooks to cut back on mortality rates. That mostly affected the recreational fisherman. What about the commercial side? Would they limit the use of gill nets in some areas or something?
  8. yes. I found out eyes don't matter after throwing bucktails with and without them. no eyes is equally productive and bucktails with eyes. Use andrus jetty casters and S&S smiling bill the most.
  9. Does anyone put eyes on their homemade smiling bill and bullet bucktail jigs? Going to start making my own. Want to see some examples. Also what size eyes would you put on a bullet bucktail jig head? Thanks
  10. that's the best description of fishing on south shore beaches on long island today. less fish around.
  11. Yes exactly
  12. Nope. Conditions. Feel and cast-ability of a bucktail wasn’t good with the wind and fast turbulent water on the beach. 2 oz was too heavy. 1oz was too light. Conditions were weird. Not experienced with fishing into wind.
  13. I’ll look into those lamiglas rods thanks
  14. Hm. I see.
  15. I was looking into the genesis. The 10ft genesis is rated 1/2oz-3.5oz. Yeah it’s a moderate rod with a softer tip. I’m worried about that specific rod line being a little too soft for solid hook sets with bucktails and paddle tails. Ratings are ratings it’s all about the feel of the rod.