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  1. Front 3/0 VMC Treble and rear single hooks come standard with super strike darters. What are your preferences when upgrading and swapping out these hooks? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the recommendations fellas
  3. Have a primary 10ft 60/40 split and a back up 10ft 70/30 split. Don't want them bouncing around my suv. What are the best options for travel surfcasting rod cases? Thanks
  4. Pure fishing owns van staal. VSX prices won’t decrease. It will stay the same
  5. Been using the dna for a couple years now. Being a 10 foot 3/4-4oz moderate fast action rod, the dna sucks at working anything topwater. It’s cringe but you can work top water just not well. The sweet spot is casting and working plugs in the 1.5-2.5 oz range. Excels when using 1-3 ounce bucktails, A17 diamond jigs, darters, metal lips, and bottles. Sp minnows? Not so much because they are lighter but you can still cast them well enough. Attach a vsx200 or 250 on it and you can cast without fatigue. You’ll get mentally tired of casting not physically. You can move and put pressure on big bass and blues with ease. Rod sensitivity is great. You feel every small tap or bump. Compared to lamiglas, st croix, and century odm’s warranty sucks. Odm’s rod warranty is one year. Big negative if you fish 3 days a week or more. Overall it’s a good rod that can do a little bit of everything.
  6. After whip finishing the thread I use the hard as nails. Seen bucktails with the epoxy wrap. Looks good. That UV light cure epoxy is what I'll likely try using. Thanks
  7. Which type of epoxy is best to coat the thread of a bucktail jig? Thanks.
  8. Jersey had great spring in Raritan Bay. Staten Island too.
  9. You'll still roll up to the cape cod canal in July/august with jersey and new york fishing your spot. they're making posts of how they miss the canal.
  10. Great thanks. Have a 1 3/4 oz all white. I'll bring with me this weekend.
  11. Going to start using Super strike needlefish interchangeably with SS darters on June nights. Still putting sp minnows in my bag for flat calm surf conditions. Which super strike needle fish weights are best for 1-3 foot beach surf? Thanks
  12. that's easy too many