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  1. Stopped by a popular inlet after a family outing just to take a peak. Some hardy soul channeling his inner Al McReynolds slinging into the wind halfway down the north jetty. No thanks.
  2. Yes. Just go to the farthest left booth as you would any other time with the pass. Only exception would be is if for some reason the gate ranger left early/didn’t show up and also didn’t move any cones, causing much confusion among the angry pass holders now also lined up to get in. Yes, it’s happened…
  3. I regularly get there right around 8pm in the fall and it’s not uncommon to see rangers checking the lots for passes right on time. Pretty sure if you are out before then or at least getting ready to leave you are in the clear. edit: in my experience the rangers there are very nice and reasonable, though I’m sure it differs depending on who you are dealing with.
  4. Grand tour of MoCo front and back this morning since I had a day off. Had slot+ size fluke and a few small blues in the back early, then the front was the Dead Sea. Bunker moving along and eventually got close, the only thing casts around them resulted in were snagging a few. Didn’t see much else happening. Water stained and felt warmer than yesterday. Everyone’s favorite dredge is back, did not know as I usually don’t go up that far.
  5. MoCo out front, great day for fluke. Several over slot up to 23” and a couple of shorts. One feisty bluefish and a few whacks at a swarter, but nothing to show for them. Water was stained and considerably colder than recently. Wore the waders for dawn and regretted it as soon as the sun came up.
  6. Met up and sold, thank you.
  7. It’s tough. My hands have a history of cold injuries (frost nip, etc.) so cold definitely affects me more than most other people and in my experience nothing truly “works”. My strategy is to have several pairs of light liner or wool gloves on me and I switch them out as they get wet. Somewhat tolerable that way, though there have been nights in early spring/late fall where I just couldn’t do it after a while.
  8. Nice rod, I find it gets noodly at the higher end of the range but I enjoy fishing it. My bud caught a 30lb bass on one earlier this spring, handled it just fine.
  9. Give him a call. Very responsive and great to chat with. His medium danny was "the" plug for me this spring.
  10. SWE has them in stock brand new.
  11. They are fat in the back in certain spots currently. Same for out front in the area.
  12. PM sent and SPF to you.
  13. I will take $235 cash.
  14. Met him a few times at the shows and he was always gracious. Glad to own a couple of his plugs. RIP.
  15. I’ve thrown 1.25oz mini swimmers to 3.3oz pencils on it and they launch quite nicely. Can’t comment on anything higher but it certainly feels like it could do more.