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  1. He had several left during my last lap around 9:50ish. I would have loved to pick up one of the block island redheads, but too rich for my blood, never mind the price on the “super premium” ones on the table. Amazing creations, but I’d be afraid to throw it. More power to the guys that do fish plugs at that level.
  2. chocodove

    Surf Day

    They are usually the first thing out of my bag any given outing. They just work and are resin, so they hold up pretty well in my experience. Certainly not cheap, but not much is anymore. This one has been beat to crap, slammed into bridges, rocks, etc., caught a ton of fish, and it’s still my go to for the smaller size (need to change out those hooks).
  3. chocodove

    Surf Day

    Picked up the GRS from a buddy there, not the table.
  4. Great show. I got there much later than I planned due to the snow but still managed to pick up most everything I wanted. I think due to the sheer number of amazing makers in attendance everyone spread out as opposed to lining up at just a couple. Still no RG for me, though…
  5. Reel is brand new, never used, and has the upgraded rotor. 100% good to go. $950 shipped/insured PPFF $920 picked up 07735 cash Listing here for a day or two and then it’s off to the auction site where they sell for a decent amount higher. Thanks for looking.
  6. We’ve never met, but glad to hear you’re okay. Stuff like this does indeed put things into perspective.
  7. Spent a few hours on a the beach this morning. Water very stained with a huge sweep. Stuck with bucktails and was rewarded with nothing. As is the fall trend, more guys staring and standing around than fishing.
  8. I’m sure 911 dispatchers deal with a lot, but I bet he/she still tells stories about that one.
  9. Went far away from the crowds for a couple hours this afternoon and apparently I was also far away from the fish. Skunk, but at least it wasn’t annoying.
  10. It’s like walking into a room full of strangers and then yelling insults at everyone because they disagree about something. Odd.
  11. I have problems with my hands due to old cold injuries and I think I’ve tried just about every option of full glove out there. None of them work well for me. For a full waterproof glove, I found the brand Loop to be most adequate. They are a fly fishing brand. Got mine on sale. The thing that works best for me is to have two pairs of $10 army surplus fingerless wool gloves with chemical hand warmers on the back of my hand I’m the glove. I switch them out when they get wet and also have hand warmers in each of the pockets on my jacket. This is certainly not a perfect solution but for me it works. Biggest problem with the wool is if you snag it with a barbed hook it’s a pain in the butt to get out. Just another reason to crush barbs.
  12. Spent a day with the crowds and boats yesterday and observed two landed total over many hours. The guys running down the beach is highly entertaining, particularly when they stumble. It’s perhaps cruel to laugh at another’s misfortune, but when the same group gets within two feet of me on either side while pumping their pencils like maniacs and causing me to change what I’m doing, I have no sympathy.
  13. Currently an air and water search going on for a missing kayaker in my neck of the Bayshore woods. Be careful out there.
  14. Saw these tonight. First pic is with flash, second without (and slightly blurry). Interesting little things.
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