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  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this link. Trijicon should be able to replace the vials, possibly under warranty if they're new enough. https://warrentactical.com/returns-warranties/
  2. Call the manufacturer to see what they recommend. With latex neck gaskets, you can trim them (carefully) with a new razor blade 1/4" at a time until you have a good fit. I'm not sure about neoprene, but perhaps the same thing goes.
  3. They were bad locally, last summer. Much less so this year. They remind me of when stinkbugs arrived. Those were terrible for a couple of years, and then subsided.
  4. While buying a Tikka Lite Stainless .308 at the LGS yesterday, I noticed their used handgun case was packed with like-new, low mileage guns. My kid liked this CZ, so I bought it as well for under $500 out the door with 5 mags. We ran to the range and put 200 rounds through it. The grip texture is better and more aggressive than on Glocks and it has a better factory trigger with a shorter reset. I wonder if some of the new gun owners who panic bought during the "peaceful protest" riots last summer have short term memories and may be starting to unload them. If so, I'll be on a buying spree.
  5. Thanks. Yes. Banish can. Daniel Defense 10.3", chrome lined, S2W barrel.
  6. Two stamper.
  7. There were some reports of kabooms with their 5.56 55 grn FMJ. No issues with their other flavors that I'm aware. Perhaps it was one bad lot, but I don't know. Their .223 68 grn HPBT ammo is quite precise for the (pre-plandemic) price. It's not as good as my hand loads, but it was good enough to put me in the High Master class in Highpower matches.
  8. They only have field grades at the moment, which have they've been turning around quickly. My last order for a field grade in mid-May arrived at my doorstep in two weeks. My order for a service grade on the same slip is still pending. Such is life with the CMP. Waiting aside, I have yet to be disappointed.
  9. Of course I'll get hosed on SS, compared to what I could have earned. And no, I'm not self-employed. ??? Medicare is a terrible option. I drove the same truck for 18 years instead of trading it in every 3 years to keep up with the Joneses, so again, I've been the responsible member of society earning / saving to fund my own retirement.
  10. Lucky responsible me, who has sacrificed to accumulate my own savings. I get to pay for those who have pissed their earnings away. Hooray socialism er'body.
  11. My God, to think if I'd been able to invest what has been stolen from me in the name of social security, I'd be in a MUCH, MUCH better place today in my retirement planning.
  12. If you have leaks, call Kokatat. They're known to stand behind their products and have replaced items for several people I know after YEARS of use. Maybe they'd do the same for you.
  13. Any other Tenkara fishermen here? I've been using Tenkara gear for several years, mostly on small to medium sized trout waters, but also for river smallmouths, and on ponds. I prefer furled lines, but I am looking for suggestions on a lightweight floating line to use on trout waters.
  14. Haha, here ya go.
  15. Yes, I have a thing for Colonial era flintlocks (repros). I hunt and target shoot with them, but don't do any re-enacting. My favorite is a custom made, 1728 dated 1st model Long Land Pattern King's Musket, .77 cal with a 46" barrel. All parts are from original castings, so it's as historically correct as you can get to an original Bess that would have been in the Colonies during the F&I and Revolutionary Wars. Much fun.