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    Just a lower slower dude who enjoys being anywhere with a fishing pole in my hand.
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    Surf fishing, crabbing, football (go ravens), hanging with friends, libations, pretty dark haired women and breakfast food
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    I'm a project engineer in the industrial refrigeration field. If you're enjoying a cold beer that has been iced down...I probably had something to do with it.

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    Stones throw away from the beach and bay
  1. Is that any way to talk about rabble rousers who don't even bait their hook??? lol.
  2. I have decompressed since I posted this yesterday. I'll check DNREC routinely after the 1st of the year. Won't press any panic buttons until then...lol. Thank you and tight lines!
  3. Well I'll be damned. Oh well. I'll be diligent in trying to keep updated as to when they get them. Thank you.
  4. You get the chance to change the "earl" in your pickem up yet?
  5. Good old Seaford. Hoping all that downtown development brings new life to the place but I'm not holding my breath...lol.
  6. The funny part about it, at least for me, is that I live a half mile away from the Nanticoke in Seaford. Because of all the guts, cuts and waterways it takes me about 50 minutes to drive to Tyaskin. With a good clip on a boat I could likely get there in less than 40 minutes...lol.
  7. Delaware surf fishing permits went on sale this week....sort of. I missed out on my permit a couple years back by waiting too long so I'm paranoid and typically buy one within the first couple days of them going on sale. So I go to the website and see a big orange notice on surf permit sales (attached). Can someone explain to me how there is a "Nationwide Shortage" on permit stickers?!? I understand supply chain shortages first hand since it impacts my job directly...but this seems like absolute horsesh%&. I am usually a huge advocate for DNREC as I feel like they do a pretty good job but this is just ridiculous. Sorry for the rant. Any thoughts on what is really going on? Tin foil hat wearers by all means...tell me what you think...lol.
  8. I've only fished a handful of the IR bay and DE bay tributaries and I don't recall ever catching a blue cat. That certainly doesn't mean much, trust me...but that's been my experience.
  9. Always good "crick" fishing over "dere"...lol.
  10. I tied up a 1/2 oz bucktail with a rubber grub. Nothing. Tried out some bloodworms and some chunks of bunker (bunker was frozen from the last time I went out on the surf so not sure how I would have done if I had fresh) . I didn't get so much as a nibble on those. Decided to go for the easier fish so my boy had a better chance of landing one, and we were running out of daylight. A chunk of chicken thighs with a small strip of nightcrawler is all it took to bring the cats out of their hole. I will be out of town this week for Thanksgiving. I'm going steelhead fishing on St. Joe's river in Michigan. I am so stoked. My BIL said they are running like crazy. He sent me a pic of one (attached) that he caught last year on the same charter we are using. I can almost taste it! lol. The following weekend I'm thinking about heading back out to the Nanticoke. Might try the same spot or run down closer to Roaring Point. This time with fresh bunker, and some different rigs. Wouldn't mind wrapping up 2021 with a few rock landings even if they are shorty stripers.
  11. I was going to head out to the surf this weekend, but opted to head towards the bay so my son and I could drop some handlines in for crab. I know the water is a little too cold, but figured maybe we'd catch a handful of ornery boys that refused to stop eating this late in the season...lol. We headed to Tyaskin Park which is at the mouth of the Nanticoke right before it dumps into the bay. They have a great little park with some shorliene beach, a fishing pier, gazebo, etc. It's also a fee free area so if you don't have a MD fishing license you're good. We wound up getting into some decent action towards sunset. Found a dip about 50 or 60 yards out full of channel cat. We hooked about 5 total in 45 minutes. Landed 4. A couple more decent sized ones and we would have been having some fish and chips for dinner but opted to release since we only had one hog in the bunch. Anyway, I love this place where we live...it's so awesome that we have the ocean, 2 bays, rivers everywhere, ponds, lakes, etc. that we can get to within a short drive. I cherish the days I spend with my kids teaching them the lessons I've learned over the years I've lived here. Y'all Delmarva boys are a good bunch with great advice. Tight lines my friend and I'll see ya around I'm sure!
  12. Nice. I've heard mixed reviews on how they taste and I haven't eaten one since I was like 12. And let's just say that was many moons ago...lol
  13. Thanks for the tips. I promised my son some fish and chips Saturday night. So it's either fresh from the surf or fresh from the seafood market down the road from my house...lol.
  14. Good morning all. I haven't been out to the surf for a while due to travel for work and for vacation. Was thinking about heading out this weekend. Was wondering this time of year what some of the more seasoned anglers are targeting off the beach. Which beaches are more likely to land me some keepers, and thoughts on bait and rigging. Looks like it should be a fairly decent day weather wise (mid to low 50's, a little overcast around the inlet area). Surf report shows tide/best time for fish between 11 AM and 3 PM. Was curious to any thoughts on this as well. As always, I appreciate the info and tight lines around!
  15. Any solid tips on red drum? Rig, test, bait, etc?