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  1. Maybe the fact that the bridge is closed might be beneficial to you. Sounds like a potential win win. No traffic on the bridge. You can even keep your fish in the middle of the road. Could you still park right there?
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a plug with it's eyes popped out
  3. Conbread says how wide's yo yak jack. Ya'll like some blue cherry kool aid? How's bout some skunk grapes
  4. I've never heard them say we are at equilibrium
  5. I guess you can always say you're targeting another species
  6. Ok I will take the bm. Pm coming
  7. I have a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses that need a new pair of nose pads. They are 580 poly Slack Tide tortoise shell models. A couple of scratches but good to knock around with. I'd like pencils, floating needlefish,or swimmers. Doesn't have to be exotic. Daytime colors.
  8. I'm looking for a pop Eye Plug. A lure that looks like it has her eyes popped out minus that funny little red chin
  9. $30 shipped. Need these gone
  10. Cunning and baffling
  11. Ultimate bug game hunt. Some say umans are the most difficult species to get
  12. Price lowered. $35 shipped for the 4
  13. Willing to split as well. $25 for the 16's. $20 for the 15's
  14. I doubt they're producing them currently. Prolly new old stock
  15. $40 shipped