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  1. lets take this nasty virus and splice it to this other nasty virus ..Oops butterfingers
  2. According to fortune only 7% for actual hard infrastructure..
  3. we can't pay the bills they want to kick the can some more ..raise the debt ceiling and take another 3.5 trillion .. High costs .. Lack of goods and services.. high inflation.. and paramount debt .. :-\
  4. 5 people dead and 2 more injured ..investigating act of terror or hunt gone wrong ..If thats a hunt gone wrong !!??
  5. Break out the syrup ,,and remember everything is better with butter .... :-)
  6. The Government played both sides of the fence ...
  7. Not us people .. any legal U.S.citizens... there are visas for migrant workers you know... the Law?
  8. Good Question ..knowing the system they probably sent home a flyer and an Email stating their intentions and in a nice way saying if you don't conform the child will be dismissed or were all those rights given up when mandatory vaccination was required to go back in the schools in the first place ?
  9. Homer Simpsons Boss He was a rotten prick also :-)
  10. LOL military comes in every year to push recruitment ..with hundreds of thousands refusing the jab in the military they'er going really be in the schools now .. how many guard per school and how often are kids being tested.. what are the details ?
  11. Whys that getting real? sounds more like a waste of time and money and conflated politics
  12. LOL Now they will make even more money from the song .. now thats RICH !!
  13. I wonder if their going to give all the moneys back that was generated from that song ? HAHA Mick is a financial shark for those that don't know about his education