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  1. Which translates to a poor mind that has hijacked them.... in the future or the past but almost never in the present moment.
  2. Michael Singer
  3. Ah Hahah ....... $$$$$$ 32trillion and growing ........
  4. Estimated at 2.5 million boarder crossings under Biden .. I don't think his "discourage" tactic is working very well ..
  5. No not crypto those fail daily ..... other then bitcoin and few others .. whats already trying be pushed is the >>centralization<< of digital currency .. we've been on digital for decades but now its the push to centralizes it.. rather then multiple sources of banks .. and it needs to be blocked at all costs.. if you can imagine fiat on steroids and the crooks that instituted it.. stick with Gold silver and the rainbow currencies if you want to save your a*s*s and re-level the playing field which every American should be purchasing saving and using .. yes agreed the dollars days as a mono world reserve currency are numbered ..
  6. yeah sometimes you wanna get higher and sometimes you gotta start low ... Terrible Ted Nugent Strangle Hold
  7. Its ridiculous and horrible.. their futures are crystal clear ..ever try digging hard clay in the burning sun all day ( never mind in the Congo) .. Its treacherous and un-yeilding ... God have mercy on them
  8. I worked non-union my whole life.. at one particular point in time I was a welder at a large machine shop and one of the Major union businesses went on strike so we got flooded with application ect ..good lord some of the biggest cry baby lazy whiners I've ever met worse part is they weren't really that good at what they did.. At the time I was shocked.. after seeing that.. my view was unions put people in a box and stunt any thinking outside that box.. maybe things have changed or maybe that was a rare case ...don't know....
  9. YIKES !! Thats scary ****!!! And the other flesh eating stuff their mixing with fentanyl that turns people into zombies like literally i saw a small documentary on it what the hell is matter with people wanting to destroy peoples lives some fu***ing sick individuals out there .. Grow your own or get it from trusted sources .( Weed )
  10. Lol "commercial columbian" especially when winter came and everything dried up on the market that was the last knot in the rope .... high school pre rolled joints 3 for $5 or 7 for $10 the good stuff when you could get it $3 a joint no double hitting iron lungs Ha ......1/8 1/4 1/2 1oz prices varied.... fair time name your price Lol ..
  11. Crank up a vintage firehouse or fairgrounds siren.. game over !! you aint heard loud till you've been subjected to one of those up close ..those dam things will give heart palpitations literally..
  12. A classroom full of 1st 2nd 3rd person subjective objective possessive reflexive pronouns .. if you want to get real confused look up "Identifying genders list"
  13. back then the strains where limited mostly to known landrace strains (the usual suspects) from out of country .. Weed cured for 2yrs in a glass jar/ bovida pack and burped less and less over time will take on a goldish color and the smell will change as well ..
  14. Agreed.. Reputable ones do.. there is excellent technology that will tell exactly whats in it and the percentages