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  1. Awesome, thanks guys!
  2. Thanks guys, I'll give them a look.
  3. Hello, Looking for some suggestions on good books about saltwater baitfish, mainly in New England (I mostly fish in MA), and/or North East. The more local the better. Something that's more focused on what kinds, migratory patterns, cycles, what and where they feed, etc.. -Thank you!
  4. I appreciate it, but I'm not looking to make a big deal of this... I just want to know if I'm in the right, seems I am. Maybe some suggestions on towns that are chill...not spots, just cities/towns. Or not, that's fine too, I pretty much got my answer. I'd rather keep a low profile and do my thing. While I haven't been in much trouble in my life, outside of speeding tickets, I've had many very uncomfortable experiences with cops. They're always right, even when they aren't, and can make your life miserable on a whim.
  5. It was city both times. Wow, not once in 20 years... my luck never ceases to amaze me. Ok, cool. I get it, and I'll keep at it and keep exploring. This is new ground for me, as far as night time surfcasting goes. I thought I was in the right, and may have gone back already, but I didn't know if there are things I'm not aware of. Much of the information out there is a bit dated and contradicting. Figure yall had quicker answers. Thank you for the parkin tips over there too. -Thank you!
  6. Not a parking issue, they had no idea where my car was. In fact, twice I didn't have a car, I was dropped off. By kicked out, I mean cops asking me to leave saying the beach was closed at night. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but this happened a few times out of the many that I've been out.
  7. In Winthrop, short beach and yirrell. It was the cops, who told me the beaches were closed at night. The first time I was pretty much done and didn't want to get into it. The second time I pushed back, politely, but firm. I actually did bring up the public rights topic, but he kept saying "not at night." It started to get a bit tense, and he said he'd arrest me if I didn't leave, so I left. I was alone, it was dark, and they're cops... no matter what happened they'd win.
  8. Pretty new to surfcasting. Technically this is my first season, if you don't count the times I went with my dad when I was young, not knowing anything. Have spent most of my time this season getting out and fishing and doing research for any questions I have. Which included scouring this forum for any info. However, there's one area I'm hitting some walls.... night fishing from shore, around the Northshore. I'm not looking looking for spots, just to make that clear. Just looking for some general, up to date, guidance on what cities/towns are favorable to fishing at night. So far, I've been kicked out of 2 spots in Winthrop, 1 in Marblehead, 1 in Beverly, and 1 in Swampscott. I'm always quiet, respectful and the only way you'd know I'm out there is my occasional light use. I tried asking people and looking online for info, but haven't got very far. The little info I got, were places I got booted from. The one place I've had some luck is Plum Island, but most places seem to not allow it... or so it seems. Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you