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  1. I've had to deal with farbank for the first time related to a repair on my waders. No response yet. I have to say, Sage was fantastic about fixing older rods over the last decade or so. Some rods I bought originally and some second hand and they never handled them differently. I've sent in more than a couple LLs and they did some amazing repairs. Sorry to see them moving on, but times change and they can still repair g3 LL's! Thanks for posting this.
  2. I'll check out the west marine maps, spiral bound is a big plus. Thanks. I hear you on printing. I found great maps on the Wisconsin DNR site and went that route but I was sending them to FedEx for large format printing and it got super pricey. If I'm making notes, it's quick and easy to jot down when I get back to the car. And if someone calls and asks about a certain area, I can just take a couple photos and share what I know. Thanks again.
  3. These are great, thanks!
  4. Hi, can anyone recommend good printed maps/charts of the MA coastline? I fish from shore and of course I use Google maps/earth a ton, but I still like using both to scout new locations, make notes and have as a backup. I've lost my phone or dunked it enough to know having a backup can be a big help. I typically use a Delorme but wanted to see if there was something better. Thxs.