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  1. I'll check out the west marine maps, spiral bound is a big plus. Thanks. I hear you on printing. I found great maps on the Wisconsin DNR site and went that route but I was sending them to FedEx for large format printing and it got super pricey. If I'm making notes, it's quick and easy to jot down when I get back to the car. And if someone calls and asks about a certain area, I can just take a couple photos and share what I know. Thanks again.
  2. These are great, thanks!
  3. Hi, can anyone recommend good printed maps/charts of the MA coastline? I fish from shore and of course I use Google maps/earth a ton, but I still like using both to scout new locations, make notes and have as a backup. I've lost my phone or dunked it enough to know having a backup can be a big help. I typically use a Delorme but wanted to see if there was something better. Thxs.