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  1. I have power knobs on my vs150 but on my vs200 it’s the stock knob. I prefer the stock knob , however depending on how you fish and the volume you fish I have found occasionally my hand has slipped off the standard knob. I believe it’s do to lvl of focus or simply exhaustion and I tend to fish the 200 90% of the time so that’s my two cents
  2. Family first , and that’s a complete reasonable and challenging situation for that family to deal with . If that’s what they were up against the move makes sense , I appreciate the insight ! Still a great shop and always great service
  3. Outstanding info thanks
  4. As luck would have it I have to head to Florida end of April for a few days of work. I’m gonna be staying right on the Oceanside in Deerfield Beach I have the intercoastal behind me in the ocean in front of me and the first thing I thought of was is it worth packing my surf gear …. I don’t know anything about that fishery if anybody could shed some light on if that’s decent time of year , what to look for , what to target any info would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks and tight lines
  5. Couldn’t agree more
  6. Never ever ever gone home empty handed from any show or tackle shop ….. the struggle is real
  7. I have a 9’ Lami Carbon surf paired with a VR150 and it’s always felt like a perfect balance to me. My fishing buddy absolutely loves his VR50 and so we played aroind with various rods and reel combos . At the end of it I still loved my set up
  8. Pumped this show is happening
  9. How about in eastern Ct ? Anyone like any specific B&T’s
  10. Never gonna fully understood this move
  11. Great question, I’d attend
  12. It was very hard not seeing him around last season, I made a point of fishing his favorite spots and found myself talking from time to time with him . He never really replied but the bass seemed to always be there
  13. Curios how long it will be and generally how this is repaired , that area posses some challenges for equipment
  14. Haven’t fished ashaway in a couple years but I agree big herring and bigger preditors
  15. Well said