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  1. Thx!
  2. Hi all, Looking for some tips. Spent the last two days trying to find the stripers. Even schoolies would be more than fine. Or, a bluefish if all else fails. I’ve been throwing the Zara super spook and the rebel jumpin minnow in a back bay of the bass river with no luck. From watching, It does seem like there are a lot of bait fish and once in a while a fish jumps and grabs one. But nothing is hitting my line. Any tips? Or better yet, any hot spots where you’re getting some fish? Appreciated!
  3. Very helpful information, thank you!
  4. If I’m reading this right, the depths in grand cove are anywhere from 2-9 feet? Should I assume that’s the deepest it will get? Or is that along the edges?
  5. This is all great info! I’m wondering how this will work in grand cove on the bass river. Not too sure the depths in there. I can fish from shore, and also have access to a kayak and canoe. Thoughts?
  6. Oh wow. Thanks. And this was top water for scup with the jigs and lures? Where were You fishing? Likely to work in back areas of bass river such as grand cove and kelley’s bay?
  7. Hi all, not from the area. Planning to do some fishing, including bottom fishing, in the bays along the bass river. Good for scup and other bottom fish? Best bait? I’m guessing sea worms? Are they worth the price of admission? Or is squid/clams about as good? Thx
  8. In grand cove in the next two weeks, do I have a better chance targeting scup on bottom, or stripers on top?
  9. I can find the bone color Zara spook, is that as good?
  10. Ha! So silver/chrome isn’t a good bet? Having a hard time finding the bone color. Alternatives?
  11. Also, as a follow up, does color matter when it comes to the rebel jumping minnow?
  12. Perfect, thanks. I’m assuming I can use a freshwater spinning rod for this type of condition? What pound test? Also, does Mass require a license for saltwater, or only fresh? And I’m assuming slot fish means a keeper? What are the size regs for stripers and blues?
  13. So is it safe to assume the stripers are still hanging around the area of grand cove at end of June? What size are we talking? Under 10 pounds? Anybody have a specific top water plug you would recommended?
  14. Good to know, thanks! Isn’t a popper more for freshwater? What fish would that target? Is top water fishing better than bottom in grand cove? also, on the party boats, are most scup keepers this time of year?
  15. Thanks for the tips! I’ll specifically be in grand cove, which appears to be an extension of the bass river? Do you know depth there? Those fish will run through grand cove? do you have a specific party boat that you could recommend?