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  1. Yes. I’m an aficionado of cheapish reels. I’ve tried many between $30 & $100. So far, 6 years or so, the Sedona has outclassed them all. $70. FWIW anything under $50, all manufacturers, is generally no so good after a year, and $100 are not any better than $70ish reels. IM opinion, YMMV, etc. decent reel, my 3000 has lasted with very little maintenance 3 years.
  2. ****ing Larry…
  3. Heddon super spook. It’s the first plug I throw every morning.
  4. I’m vaguely familiar with the spot burning concept. Doesn’t apply here since every species in the surf moves around. My spot is roughly 3 miles long which is about as far as I care to walk and cast. Location: Latitude 27.946417, longitude -80.495522.
  5. Yes it’s the run early. Here it’s been a full week of it. Big fish are just now catching on. I hope it lasts as long as last year.
  6. It’s way early. Here there’s usually a pre-run of bigger mullet before the finger mullet run. That being said the last few days there have been a fair few schools of finger mullet. Who knows, the climate is changing and it certainly seems to m that fishing patterns are in flux recently, particularly this year.
  7. I tie a rabbit zonker strip on some of my bucktails. Small bucktails I use gulp Swimming mullet 3’, longer ones a 5” gulp curly tail. All work well, better than bare for me.
  8. My compass drive started squeaking, adjusted the cable tension, now it’s back to normal. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Avid MH 8’, good rod 6 years, Legend 10’ 6 years. Recent st Croix rods: Avid M broke within 6 months, replaced with mojo inshore M, broke in a week. Took 8 months for a replacement: broke first day. Still waiting going on 6 months.
  10. My original problem also, I’m now very rarely using anything over 3/4 Oz. 5/8th oz is my sweet spot here in Florida on the surf, 1/4oz on the lagoon.
  11. When I moved to Fla after I read Skinners book I caught very sporadically on bucktails. Decided to give it a real go so for around 6 months I fished only bucktails in the surf, pretty much every day 3-6 hours. There are so many variables: current, wind, tide, (color)weight etc. but eventually I figured it out to the point that now, 6 years later, I will always catch if they’re biting on a bucktail and often that’s the only lure that will work. So, takes a bit of time but if you want to you can get decent enough to truthfully say it’s your single desert island lure. Try every retrieve, switch weights it works. Here I’m now making my own and the three I use pretty much 90% of the time are white, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 oz, smiling bill or popeye heads, around 3-4”, all bucktail no feathers, a touch of flash. Using gulp trailers often increases how effective they are, I’m use 4” swimming mullet or 4 and 5” curly tails.
  12. I checked it out and also noticed how loud it was. That’s a deal breaker for me where and how I fish. So far, out of four hobies Ive owned ,the Compass I’m on now if the least comfortable, and the most stealthy and nimble. I’m still waiting for the ideal yak for here. The lynx looks fine but for now I’m reasonably happy with my compass
  13. Thanks all. I’ll check the cables if/when it happens on this relatively new kayak. Cheers
  14. What do you mean we? Oh right, you mean “me.” Bronze is good imho. Patriot right?
  15. Nice. I identify with her sky’s the limit mentality. And I am a communist fwiw.