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  1. Dutchboy paints/national lead.
  2. One of the best fish holding structures on IBSP, miss it dearly and yes a west wind at night made it brutal to fish!!! I remember saying to a friend as we approached it for the first time, "why is everybody wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts? is it supposed to get cold tonight?" That was also the first and last time I've walked away from biting fish (weakies, real ones not spikes!)
  3. Me too! lubed 'em like felts and couldn't figure out why I had NO DRAG!!!!!
  4. I've only ever seen one without those cracks, mentioned that to the owner (a casual fisherman) next trip out those cracks were there!
  5. Prayers offered for a quick and complete recovery, as well as a smooth move for you.
  6. Nice to know there are some companies that still provide customer service!!!
  7. Article says "can't safely be removed" I didn't see any dead bodies left from whoever put it there!!!!
  8. Can't understand why the state employs so many "rangers" and I RARELY see any of them doing their job! They barely want to get out of there cars! Appears they'd rather shout a "warning" than go through the process of writing a summons!!! There must be good ones but I can't remember the last one I saw doing his/her job!
  9. Having a hard time accepting that people that use the areas for legal purposes are being restricted because some use it for illegal purposes???? Why can't law enforcement do it's job!!! Enforce the law and penialize the offenders, not everyone!!! Your tax dollars at work supporting workers that refuse to work!!! and keeping you from enjoying area that exist because your taxes paid for them!!! That's Jersey!
  10. He surely was one of a kind! Feisty as all get out!
  11. From all the stories I wish I knew him better. He did strike me as a tough old guy!!! I had the help of another guy that day and wonder who it might have been as he seemed to know Tony fairly well. Wouldn't be surprised if it was someone from here! Being these plugs have stick on eyes they must be younger than the ones with glass or plastic eyes.
  12. Sorry to hear he passed away but not really surprised as he didn't look in the best of health and as mentioned that had to be better than 10 yrs ago. How recently did he pass?
  13. Thank you Gentlemen! these are the plugs he gifted me.
  14. WOW! really nice stuff!!!
  15. got a few stashed in the crawl space, pretty common as mentioned by sudsy!