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  1. From all the stories I wish I knew him better. He did strike me as a tough old guy!!! I had the help of another guy that day and wonder who it might have been as he seemed to know Tony fairly well. Wouldn't be surprised if it was someone from here! Being these plugs have stick on eyes they must be younger than the ones with glass or plastic eyes.
  2. Sorry to hear he passed away but not really surprised as he didn't look in the best of health and as mentioned that had to be better than 10 yrs ago. How recently did he pass?
  3. Thank you Gentlemen! these are the plugs he gifted me.
  4. WOW! really nice stuff!!!
  5. got a few stashed in the crawl space, pretty common as mentioned by sudsy!
  6. I know this isn't much to go on and I will post pics soon (need to dig them out). Here goes, about 10 yrs ago (maybe even longer) I helped pull out a fisherman that was stuck pretty bad (Gillikens at IBSP) he was an older slim gentleman with a trach tube. he really appreciated the help (and frankly really needed it), to show his appreciation he gifted me 2 homemade plugs he built, no labels, no model numbers. one is a lipped swimmer, the other a needle fish. I know this is a long shot but would any of you know who this man might have been???? Thanks in advance for any leads. stay safe, be well
  7. Thought about heading down for the weekend but decided to bail, will be down all next week and hoping the A$$hats stay home!!!! Guess I'll be burning my vac days for weekday trips and doing yard work on the weekends! If they don't have permits call the rangers!!! I had to twice to report some mommaluke walking around the dunes!!! Found out some one called about the same guy diddling himself in front of some young girls!!!!
  8. One of Bogan's boats! I hated those metal hulks!!!! I was a highlands boy!!! Ellain B, Miss tambo, Miss take 2!!! Good times!!!!
  9. amen!! Cut it back to 5K up the price by 50.00 and cull out the a$$hats that just come to swim and bother the actual mobile sportfishermen!!!! If not for us there wouldn't be passes!!!!
  10. It's been a nice start to the season, I'm blessed!
  11. Those were glorious times!!!! Hours of broom tails slapping tinker macks!!! Pods of bunkers for miles that you could smell as you pulled on! Tide runners in the surf! and blues that could tire you out! Now boogie boarders, and party goers that park too close to even take a leak next to your truck!!!! Swimming and playing grab a$$ right in front of your sets!!!! Too bad the virus didn't kill stupid!!!
  12. Almost double! Thank you, 38" guessing 18-20# be well
  13. Nope, it's been 5K for the 35 yrs I've been buying them
  14. So.... a "mobile sportfishing permit" absolutely falls under this law!!!
  15. I am fairly sure funds (a portion of) generated from tackle, permits and licenses is required to go into a designated cache not the general feeding trough that politicians feed off of!