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  1. Thanks! I’ll have to look into two handed in the future. The Tar and Roanoke seem tailor made for it. I might also try the rio predator F/I/S. I have the full float on my 9, and it’s just like launching a chuckit to my lab. Here’s the skunk breaker from yesterday:
  2. Added a 4ips trout versileader to my 6wt SA Mastery WF6F today for shad fishing on the Tar in Rocky Mount. Nightmare! Hinge on hinge. My best casts were after just getting mad at the setup and double hauling the piss out of it, loading all the way to the silkscreening. Sages are good for those sorts of in stream tantrums... Any sink tip/ progressive fly line recommendations to get down? Plus side: I did land a monster hen American shad. They’re just a gorgeous fish, like hooking into an angry rainbow that pulls into your backing.
  3. Kind of an old thread, apologies, but I’m in shad fly production mode and cutting piles of eyes: try a pair of hard wire cutters that shear instead of the flush cut needlenose type that squish/cut. If any burr remains it’s minimal and you can just poke the stub back into the bead, no grinding needed. Vote here for Xuron 2193’s. I use them for bead chain eyes down to 1.5mm. They seem too thick, but the jaws push the opposing beads away so the wire link will shear in the center.
  4. I have the HMG Inshore in 7’ M, 2pc that I usually pair with a 5k stradic. It’s an excellent, sensitive rod, and I like the double uplocking reel seat. Good setup for pompano too, in NC. Only concern would be abrading the unfinished blank on the pier walls. Mine’s taken a beating these past 3 years without any issues.
  5. I’m in the middle of East Jesus North Carolina, not too many tackle shops within a 45min drive, so I’ve chanced it a few times. Luengo Power clips (terrible, rusted in FW instantly, they’re on bird (Squirrel) feeder duty now) Eupheng barrel swivels are actually not horrible. I grab them before the BPS Offshore Angler ones. Not terminal tackle, but I burn through the Aventik 3D lure eyes for flies. They’re excellent, and I’m not bummed when I crack them off against a rock on my back cast.
  6. Thanks everyone! I think I’ll sit with it as is for a while, add a mono shock, and just have some rescue tape at the ready. Now for #5: my deceiver stock is almost gone.
  7. Looking for creative shoehorning ideas to attach a casting aid to my new Rockaway Surf. Since the rod has a downlocking reel seat, the proper position for the casting trigger is right on the top hood. Expletive. Current ideas: 1. use your finger, sissy. 2. Make a PVC standoff (cut in half lengthwise) that bridges the two foam handle sections. 3. Hack off the cannon’s flanges, drill a hole, and zip tie to the top reel hood. 4. Concede that my Stradic isn’t cut out for this, look for a reel with a longer foot. 5. Concede that it’s almost January in NC and you should just go tie flies instead. Thanks all!
  8. Sounds perfect everyone! I think i have a roll of rescue tape around here, I’ll give it a whirl. Thank you all!
  9. My money’s on Flashabou Accent, Pearl color. We’re splitting hairs here but Krystal Flash is stiffer, spiraled more tightly, and doesn’t flare as much. It also doesn’t move in the water as much as Accent does. Probably only matters to the geekiest fly tiers. Speaking of, see attached geeky photo. From left to right: Flashabou Accent, Krystal Flash, Polarflash, Flashabou, Steve Farrar’s SF Flash Blend. I used to buy the prefab sabikis for the pier at Wrightsville Beach. What’s the dropper knot used to rig these things up?
  10. I snapped up an Okuma Rockaway Surf (1102-M) from Amazon after the price fell to $75. After using it for the weekend I’m completely sold on the lineup! @Popasilov the hype is real. It has a single ring downlocking reel seat, and the floating hood loosens after a few casts. Any tricks on how to maintain a little more tension? Teflon plumbers tape etc? It’s definitely a casting technique/ wrist twisting issue since my downlocking Lamiglass x11 panfish rod does the same thing and I’m always realigning rod sections regardless of what I’m using. Other than the reel loosening, the Rockaway did great against all the sharks and skates Nags Head NC had to throw at it. Come on Spring!
  11. I’ve been looking at single pair ski bags. There are some Amazon models that roll up on one end to accommodate different lengths. Rounding up, 60” is just under 160cm. Also look into the audio-visual world: speaker, microphone, and light stands all have cases available about that length. Gator makes a single speaker stand case that’s 58” internal, and about $30. K&M cases are nice too, and cheap. Just about anything made for musicians is durable as hell. Search “stand case” on B&H’s site and you’ll be spoiled for choice.
  12. I have the old Okuma Nomad, 10ft Heavy and I like it quite a bit. I’m in NC, so usually it’s bait, but the rod is sensitive enough to feel the wobble of an SP. Rated 1-6 I think, but feels more MH to me. I’m sure there’s differences between the Nomad and Voyager, but I think it was largely a name change. Had a blast with pompano (talk about overgunned- could have just dipped it cane pole style into the swash) did just fine this summer hauling in bonnetheads too! Wish they made a ML version. The spigot ferrules were new to me: I definitely was that guy that rammed the sections in too tightly the first time because of the gap. Travel case is holding up well, and spacious enough to accommodate a breakaway trigger on the butt section.
  13. Anyone know what the antenna on this Goddard are made from? Looks sort of like ringneck rump, but I'm not sure.
  14. It’s halfway or so down the page. Wonder what they’re comparing to if the Terrapin is “heavy”. Litespeed M?
  15. I carry a pair of Xuron hard wire cutters. They’re tiny, and spring loaded for easy one hand use. Also great for thick (30lb+) mono/fluoro - they shear rather than cut between two blade edges so I don’t get the flattened “T” that catches on everything. Not bolt cutter strength, but they’ll go through anything below say an 8/0 demon circle.
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