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  1. Reel arrived yesterday, it's a beast! The drag click sound is very satisfying. "You go in the cage, cage goes in the water..." Thank you everyone for your help! I got lazy spooling the thing, filling past the first backing line with 20lb vanish, then 300yds 30lb ssv2. Not even close. I'll do it properly today, fly style, spooling braid first, then backing, then reversing the whole thing. @bronson I just listened to Zeno's interview with JM Basile; might have to start saving my pennies for a rooster trip.
  2. Sierra has been pretty stubborn about discounting their stock of UK made rods, but they're on clearance now. Anyone know anything about these? I know it's sintrix 440, so probably in the fast/fast af category, but I'm used to Sages. Thanks! -Eric K.
  3. I'm also a recent 9wt from 4wt adopter, and from a 7'6" DS2 at that... There was definitely a learning curve and an immediate thought of "what the hell have I done". What's your rod/line setup? My biggest hurdles were not breaking my wrist on the backcast - a bad habit forgiveable on a 4, but it will straight-up hurt you on a 9 - and, coming from DT lines, respecting where the WF shooting head ends. Also try a line size up before you take a bath on your 9wt. My Maverick's designation is a joke; Amplitude Infinity 9wt feels 2 lines too light, Bass Bug or Titan Long feel much more appropriate. I'm in NC as well, and at both inland lakes and the coast (Rodanthe/Hatteras/Waves have great wadable flats) I could have gone up a size to cut though the wind.
  4. Mimic Shiner on the upper Cape Fear
  5. 25 cents a feather, and I got to meet the bird! Ike the peacock (and his lady, Tina) is a Pied Blue, so there's a good selection of white herls as well. Many strands are well over a foot long. Stuffed them in a homemade pvc rod tube and soaked in rubbing alcohol to kill any bugs.Thank you craigslist and RDU's hobby farm community.
  6. I'll second the VF as a budget backup. I had to return mine because it didn't fit into the 5wt Sky G reel seat, but it was very well made, and impossibly light weight. I liked the silent retrieve, also. That said, what's the main rod/reel you need a backup for? If it were me and I were shopping for a spare, I'd get another Terrapin, no question. I've been mean to mine, and it's still out-of-box perfect.
  7. Thank you @Suave. I'm sure the first time I used this bottle I wrung its neck, right in the middle. I'll try the gentle approach.
  8. Any tricks how to stop e6000, or similar adhesives in metal tubes, from weeping out long after you release the tube? Or better yet, has anyone successfully transferred into an applicatior bottle/syringe? I dove into some model rc and etsy craft forums, and folks just either deal with wasting glue, or sneak up on the bottle real quick and slam the cap back on which just seals the tube shut forever. I'm really liking the stuff, but I'm wasting a ton of adhesive. My bottle is in the fridge now to hopefully get a little negative pressure building. Back to CA in the meantime, and superglueing eyes to everything but the fly.
  9. Thanks everyone! I went 14k. Hard to believe it's under $200. VS aside, it's amazing how cheap spin tackle seems when you've just been looking at fly stuff for a few years...
  10. Looking for size recommendations for my Okuma Nomad Surf, 10' Heavy. I settled on the the Spheros SW A, but not sure about wherever to go 8k 10k or 14k as they're all within a half ounce of one another. Gear ratio doesn't matter all that much (I'm a fly angler, so anything over 1:1 is screaming). I have a stradic 5K for my HMG, but it feels a little too small on the Okuma. I live and fish in NC, mostly a bait soaker, with an occasional kastmaster fling. Thanks for everyone's help!
  11. I'm in the GSP camp. SemperFli offers a few of their Nano Silks in a bulk spool, too.
  12. Owner No Escape Barbless. I had no idea I had stabbed my finger until a piece marabou stuck to it. I love these hooks. They're marketed towards FW SST anglers, but I torture tested them for 3 days in brine; they showed no corrosion, unlike a bunch of "saltwater" hooks in the same jar. I just wish they made these things in non-offset.
  13. I had issues with my Simms Dry Creek Z zipper until I put ArmorAll on it, as recommended TruZip on their website. It's still a little fussy, but not a tug-o-war like when I first got it.
  14. Considering the "blindfold and dartboard" approach to manufacturers hook sizing, would folks be interested in sharing measurements for fly hooks similar to the ABS/KBS resource on the gear forum? Shank, gap(e), point, etc. Maybe a small photo against a ruler or a supplied printed grid (I can create and supply). I'm guessing millimeters is the best, and I could convert for Americans and architects. I did a pretty thorough search of the forums for collected info, but came up short. I'd happy to head this up. See photo for source of exasperation; Top to bottom: Daiichi 1720, size 6 Umpqua U302, size 8 Umpqua U680BL, size 12 Umpqua XT050, size 10
  15. Thank you everyone for the advice and sourcing leads. I'll have to bug Scott for some long herl. I've only discovered Bears Den recently, and I've been blown away by Scotts service. Emails returned at 1130 at night! He and Filger are neck and neck with making sure you're happy. On the big box ugly corporation front, Sierra is blowing out a bunch of Metz bird parts as well as Dr. Slick tools. Someone talk me out of a couple pairs of razor scissors