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  1. Frogg togg hellbender all day
  2. I just hang it from a rockhopper clip. But you could always check out a police supply store. I used to use a police flashlight holder . It cost like 10 bucks .
  3. Love this bag. For 40bucks you can’t beat it . I have 300$ bags that I haven’t touched in years . I pair this with a gear up single tube and it’s perfect .
  4. Gear up makes a solid belt . It’s really stiff and gives good support .
  5. Surf rite also has their version of this bag. It’s like 30bucks. I use it more than my 300$ bags
  6. Just ordered this rod from saltwater edge. Planning on pairing it with my vs250. Anyone have this combo ? What do you think? I chose the 3/4-4 over the genesis 1-6 as I figured it would suit me better for SS Long Island.
  7. I have a gear up belt which is super stiff so it doesn’t sag when you have things on it . I have the gear up bucktail bag and a single tube for some plugs with water holder, boga and pliers . Could fit another single tube of I wanted no prob. Absolutely hate straps over my shoulders . Don’t like the feeling of being choked while fishing .
  8. Fish this area a lot but never at the new inlet . Is this walkable from smith point parking lot ? Checked on google maps and seems just a little longer than what I Usually walk from another SS parking lot to another inlet . Just wondering if anyone walks this and any tips . Thanks
  9. Looks like a Sea robin to me . Lol
  10. Unfortunately I have no buddies that are into it as much as I am so I’m usually alone . Everytime I bring someone I usually just end up being a babysitter .
  11. Seen plenty of dark black squirrels in bayshore area
  12. I used to say that too . Unfortunately I’m the moment I put my vs first . Guess my life is worth about 800$.
  13. Yea . I only fish incoming now usually . I’ve been hardcore surf casting for about 5 yrs now (5x week) and just love the jetty and wanna learn everything I possibly can about it . Always learning , that’s what I love most about this sport .
  14. I really thought at one point my rod was gonna snap too but as long as I landed the fish I didn’t even care lol