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  1. A little longer than I'd like, but what is the specs rating? Thanks.
  2. Figures, I'll give it a shot and post up a WTB.
  3. I've been hearing good things about this rod, but I can't find it anywhere.
  4. Just as I suspected, Thank you.
  5. Not new to surf fishing but I have a 9’ surf spinning rod for throwing plugs. Looking for a 12’+ casting rod for chunking out further that can handle a solid 4-10oz weight plus bait. Would like to pair it with an Avet HX raptor 80-100lb braid, and would like to stay under $300. Target species is really any bigger fish (rays/sharks). Any recommendations? Thanks.
  6. Wow, that is a nice rod. Right at my limit too. If only I could find it in stock.
  7. Actual first rod I found in stock, at tackledirect. Has some good specs but I'm curious about the power rating of MH. Is it necessary to have full heavy power? My 9 footer is MH, but I would think a longer rod should have more power.
  8. Dick's inventory is real slim and the closest bass pro is 2 hours away. I've been checking craigslist and ebay frequently, with hope to come across some used rod's that need a new home.
  9. Thanks, I can only seem to find the 10' model though.
  10. Second one recommending this rod, unfortunatley I haven't been able to find it for sale, Thanks.
  11. Thanks, this would be my first conventional setup. Is the Lamiglas an older model? It's hard to find any info on it.
  12. Another one for the list, Thanks.
  13. Thanks, adding it to the list.
  14. Another one for Aftco.
  15. Now that's an illness I wouldn't mind having.
  16. Thanks, will look into them.
  17. These are interesting, Thanks!
  18. Another one for Plano liqua bait locker, hasn't leaked on me yet.
  19. Good!
  20. Natrapel, has Picardin instead of Deet.