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  1. I'll take it. Pm incoming.
  2. Okay, I respectfully offer $75.
  3. Sorry I mixed up threads with someone elses. I'll take it for $90.
  4. Where in nnj?
  5. Okay, what is the condition of the guides? Can't really tell from the photos.
  6. Where in cnj? Can you please provide more pics of the trevala? Thanks
  7. Looking for a 2 piece rod to haul up to 10-12oz of lead plus bait. With a heavy to extra heavy power rating. Would like to pair with an avet hx raptor. Located in north jersey but will travel to meet up.
  8. I will be going with the Shimano that @Espresso has offered. I actually just purchased another reel so I am still interested in one more rod, @Tagman when you decide please let me know. Thanks.
  9. PSW760M Not new to surf fishing but I have a 9’ surf spinning rod for throwing plugs. Looking for a 12’+ casting rod for chunking out further that can handle a solid 4-10oz weight plus bait. Would like to pair it with an Avet HX raptor 80-100lb braid, and would like to stay under $300. Target species is really any bigger fish (rays/sharks). Any recommendations? Thanks. -XF
  10. Thanks, don't know much about them but I am already looking at a gen 1 for sale locally. Is there much a difference where I am better off with a gen 2?
  11. This one seems like a great budget rod. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, you seen any for sale over there?
  13. Ok, so I believe the butt diameter is checked around the blank, not around the butt cap or wrapping. And the rod tip is what size the ring guide is, not the diameter of the rod tip.
  14. Oh ok, great Thanks.
  15. Gotcha. Where in VA you located? I have family there and would prefer to have the rod seen in person.
  16. Oh ok then the only way of knowing if it is heavy power rating is if you can tell me what the tip size is and butt diameter using a micrometer. Do you know who the other member is? Maybe I can contact them.
  17. I was actually looking at this one but I could only find it in MH power. I take it this model is no longer produced. l see their lifetime warranty means nothing if you don't have proof of purchase, do you have that? Also, where are you located?
  18. Thanks. What is the power rating? There are a few models in that same size, It's very hard to find information about this rod. Is it the ctsse1363/ctsse1364/ctsse1365?
  19. Yea, and closest one to me is 2 hours away. I'll keep me eye out for them to be in stock.
  20. Looks good, I may end up going with this one. The other person with the cts has yet to provide me with the information that I asked about.
  21. Very interested. Can you provide photos please?
  22. Really nice but I would prefer one with a reel seat, Thank you.
  23. Got it, Thanks.
  24. Really set on a rod that can handle heavier weight, Thanks.
  25. What is the total number of guides? Length of rear/front handle section? Also, I'm only interested in a conventional rod.