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  1. I stay home.
  2. Worth it. The less I have to carry when I travel the better off I am. I always carry a wallet and the license stays in there. The passport is excess and I try to leave it home unless necessary.
  3. I got the real ID to fly domestically. I try and leave the passport in the safe unless traveling abroad. If lost the real ID is easier/faster to replace than the passport.
  4. After an evaluation by the audiologist at the medical group he is a patient of, we purchased Oticon rechargeable hearing aids for my FIL. Kept the charger on his nightstand and put them to charge every night. He loved them. In a pinch regular batteries will fit too. Simple to use. Bluetooth compatible for TV and mobile phone. I don’t remember what they cost (this was over five years ago) but they weren’t cheap. Well worth it IMO.
  5. 20 years ago I was pulled over at 1am while driving with a friend. Two cops with guns drawn yell out to us to roll down windows and to put our hands out the window. We do it. They yell at us to stay still. We wait for 5 minutes that way. Back up car pulls up. We wait for 5 more minutes. Then one of the policemen approaches our car and says put your hands down. We had a report of a car that matched your’s leaving the scene of a robbery. We cleared you. You can go now. While it was a hassle and a PITA, at no time did they order us on the ground or spray us with mace. Why? Because they were good at their job.
  6. That’s still not a felony stop. That’s still a traffic stop.
  7. Felony stop? How did it become a felony stop?
  8. Unnecessary is right. They should have explained to him why he was being asked to get out of the car before spraying him. Awful example of an LEO. Should be suspended/fired.
  9. As a former union member I can say it’s surprising to see they voted against the union. As a AMZN shareholder, I’m thrilled to see they did.
  10. Yeah it was a funny show for the first few seasons.
  11. Exactly. Don’t like them? Don’t use them.
  12. Agreed. If you’re currently in the US and want the vaccine I say give it. I don’t care how, when, or why you’re here.
  13. I watched it and two weeks later I’m down in FL moving my mother into an assisted living place. It really gave me the creeps. I wish I didn’t watch it. I was suspect and on edge the whole time.
  14. I have costas and MJs for fishing but I use Rx polarized raybans for my driving/everyday shades. I like them.