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  1. Tourney fishing sucks anyway.
  2. I traded barbell DLs for trap bar DLs and it’s done wonders for my back.
  3. Insurance probably pro rated it due to age of roof.
  4. $4456 has to be a typo. Supposed to be $1456, right?
  5. Don’t you dare have lunch with Jefferey Dahmer!
  6. IMO, Covid amplified much of the status quo prior to the pandemic. Many good local restaurants did very well because people were afraid to grocery shop. Their takeout business flourished. Mediocre restaurants went away. Same for relationships. If it was good prior then the extra time spent together was appreciated and improved the relationship. Mediocre ones went away.
  7. That thing is awesome
  8. I burn oil too but we love the wood stove. It’s in 20x30 family room with 16’ ceiling. Warms room up nice and keeps test of house warm enough for hydro system to work way less.
  9. Stacked 4 cords of firewood yesterday.
  10. Damn! That was straight up gangsta! Rolled up on dem foos and tried to wet em! Only way it could have been more gangsta was if cop had a sawed off shotgun. ….left hand on a forty, puffin on a blunt.
  11. You can’t fix stupid.
  12. Yep. All the brilliant Walmart shoppers, who thought an ARM was a great way to buy a house and still have money to spend on cigarettes and Pepsi from Walmart, are going broke.
  13. I use M&T for some of my personal banking only. Geographic reasons since it’s less than a mile away. Easy for in person service like cash and wire transfers, etc. That being said, their interest/fee structure sucks. I use BFCU credit union for everything else.
  14. You throw the groomer label around quite carelessly.