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  1. AI has certainly made online reviews entertaining.
  2. Tottenham adds another miraculous finish today against Ajax! Two incredible semis lead to an all English final. Gonna be a good one!
  3. Unbelievable victory against all odds! Well done lads!!
  4. Worked as a guy Friday at a funeral home at 14. Was on beck and call for funeral director. Pick up trash on the property, clean chandeliers, set up flowers, etc. Worked three hours and got paid for six! Stayed for almost 4 years. Saw a few people I knew from the neighborhood pass through on their way out. Then I came in one day and boss said take the day off kid. Classmate in HS committed suicide and was the next client. That was the end of my career at the funeral home.
  5. You’re right. If I wasnt so shocked a kid took responsibility for his actions I would have
  6. I had similar experience last year. I woke up and saw Mailbox taken out and bed around box destroyed. Inside the mailbox was a note with phone number. I called it and kid answers and claims responsibility. I told him $50 for damage even though it was more than $300 with ridiculous mailbox from Fromtgate, concrete, and flowers. I was proud he took responsibility and gave him a pass.
  7. Beefeater martini. Straight up. Done.
  8. Legend move!
  9. I think it’s a clever way for sellers to get a free bump to the top Leave out location on a pick up item and inevitably, someone asks where are you located.
  10. Are you sure that’s not an introductory rate?
  11. What a shame. I’m glad I got to visit Notre dame last year. definitely one of the most impressive examples of architecture and construction I’ve ever seen.
  12. BFCU has 30 yr fixed at 4% today.
  13. We have always bought new cars. Never tried leasing. Maintenance on ownership needs to be considered. Tire costs add up over the years. The last two cars we bought (Benz) certified pre owned with less than 30k miles on each. Both times it worked out fine. Wife is starting to say she wants new car more often so I may lease next time.