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  1. I’ll take the small jerkbaits and large spinners for $55 shipped PayPal?
  2. Good choice!
  3. Maynard
  4. One of the more controlled scenes I've ever watched. Police didn't sound amped up and panicked at all. Very calm. It makes a big difference. Especially when shot is fired. Only one shot? Well trained police right there. My only question is why the police wouldn't be standing behind cover while backing the suspect up?
  5. I’ll take the bushnell 10x42 for $100 shipped if PayPal is OK.
  6. Agree to a point. The counter argument is Patrick Ewing. Sounded dumb as a rock in interviews but was a successful pro and later a coach. IMO Zion will be an all star in the NBA.
  7. Seems like a stretch but you never know. A psycho I knew from HS kept a log of every single dollar he spent on girlfriends down to the penny. He showed me a spreadsheet one time and I figured I'd read about police finding bodies in his yard one day in the future.
  8. Soccer is great game. Top tier leagues in the world showcase some of the greatest athletes in sport. Ronaldo could play in the NBA if he was born in the US and played basketball instead of soccer. Ditto for many, many, others. One of the reasons the US doesn’t dominate in Men’s soccer is because some of our best athletes end up in NBA instead of soccer. I enjoy watching soccer because I understand the tactics. Different formations, strategies, etc. An appreciation I learned in youth soccer and still take on the field with me for my men’s league. The main reason I watch it is because I of the commercial free experience. Nothing worse than watching NFL, NBA, and MLB with all the breaks for advertising. Going to an NFL game is even worse! The way those leagues destroy the flow of the game to sell you toilet paper is a travesty and bores the balls off me. But I guess if you link sports with drinking alcohol it’s great for bathroom breaks.
  9. I haven’t watched the doc yet but I plan to.
  10. I was following the Theranos story early on as bio tech investment possibility. It appeared to be amazing technology that would revolutionize medical lab testing. I was amped up. I was shocked when I started to read about missed milestones and empty promises on performance. Elisabeth Holmes was a VC’s dream. Instant marketing with her appearance and resume. IMO, she realized early on the tech was faulty and ran with it anyway. Too much money to pass up. Many start ups fail and she (and her cronies) could clean up and then fold up the tents and everyone would move on to the next start up.
  11. All parties involved (carriers, pilots union, FAA ) are panicking trying to pass blame and the findings from the two crashes isn’t even official yet. I’ll wait to pass judgement on Boeing until more info is available.
  12. I’m still in Boeing’s camp. People die in car accidents much more frequently. You should move on to GM or Ford if you want to continue bashing great American companies.
  13. I ordered them online. May have been They are dimmable with just an LED dimmer switch ($40?) changeout from regular dimmer switch.
  14. ^ This is what I did in the kitchen in order to change to LED bulbs. Original cans stay in ceiling.
  15. Good shoot! They should give the kid a medal.