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  1. Love it. Thanks for all the advice boys. Pictures of the knots and clips are great. Glad I asked! Thanks for not making me feel like a complete moron for doing so haha
  2. Awsome thanks so much. Your posts really get ya thinking. I have so many Swedish Pimples that I never use...well because for ice fishing they are too large. I also have a few larger Cleos that I never Troll. I'm gonna move a few over to the Salt box. Thanks for all of that information and the thought behind these posts.
  3. Yeah I was talking about snap swivels. My understanding was that swivles and snap's were the norm. Thanks for the tips guys much appreciated. So are swivles Ideal for a particular lure or bait? Or is direct tie always the way to go? Dont get me wrong I'm defenitly a trial and error type. Im just asking because I dont have the time on the Ocean to test everything out that way....if that makes sense haha
  4. Hello. I'm new to Striper fishing. I'm super pumped to learn as much as I can. Everytime I go I learn so much it's pretty cool. I apologize if my newbie questions are kinda foolish, I'll get there (I have read the newbie posts and they were very helpful) Anyway I went the other day and threw the tackle box. They would chase these paddle tail shads but they wouldnt hit. Does the size of the swivel dramatically change the action on these paddle tails? Do you need to give them an extra twitch during the retrieval? Basically looking for opinions on the best way to fish them. Thanks!
  5. Hello. I am a total newbie. I joined this group hoping I could get some of this info. Perfect Thanks.