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  1. I have built quite a few rainshadow SW 1088 rods for the guys out on Nantucket. It’s a 8’10” rod rated 1-4oz. Pretty light compared to any Lami and plenty of backbone to it. They routinely have to beat the seals with 30 plus inch bluefish which is no easy task. I have personally landed bass up to and slightly over 30lbs with it. Will throw 1 - 3 easily. Never tried 4 before
  2. There have been bones and albies caught by boat out near Nantucket. But boat fish don’t count especially when it’s 30miles away. Lol
  3. Last I checked you are right. But unfortunately that’s where alot are. It was more of an observation and response to Richards quote about not seeing them south of the canal. Although on the 4th I did run into so many of them off of race point on the inside and outside it was ridiculous, acres of them feeding inside the whales on sandeels. That I am sure is north of the canal
  4. Around Elizabeth islands have lots. So doesn’t the two larger islands. Just need a boat to find them that’s all.
  5. Ok. Good luck
  6. Any interest in a trade for a custom built rod for the canal ??? Options are CTS and Lami I have a few ready to go.
  7. Crazy stuff on spinning gear for sure. I guess it all depends on what type of shape you are in and how old you are. I am 52 and hooked 4 on the day. All averaged between 70-110 lbs. would do it again in a heartbeat. Was a little banged up the next day but not too bad. First 3 minutes is fun after that it’s a tug of war. Average fight time was 10-15 min
  8. Lots of boats out there now. Too many boats. I was lucky enough to get in on the bite a week ago when there was less traffic IMG_2870.MOV
  9. I’ll take the rod geeks blank. PM coming for payment info
  10. *Rod is a CTS blank. 8’6” long and an 18wt. *American Tackle Pentalite titanium guides 9 total guides plus tiptop sizes 20,16,12 and size 8 runners. Sizes 20 and 16 are double foot. The rest single foot. Guides and ferrule are double wrapped in A size thread * Alps aluminum reelseat size 18 * custom made modified full wells grip. I started with 1/2” cork rings and made a fullwells but turned it to compliment my hand thickness and diameter. I pushed the middle of the grip a bit further back and made it more pronounced. I felt it fit my hand a bit better because I have larger thumb muscles resulting in a deeper pocket in my palm that the handle rests in. Basically just sanded it till it was more comfortable. Lol started with 80 grit to knock it down and ended with 400 before using cork seal on it * things I would do different. Use a true fly reelseat and not a modified spinning, big mistake on my part for sure. Other than that I am happy with the build and it is built to last for sure. I used the alps spinning because all of my sharks reels have alps on them and I love the fact they never come unbuttoned and have full confidence in them as a heavy duty reelseat. I am going to abuse and punish this rod and reel and see what type of pressure it can take. With over a couple hundred sharks with a spinning rod form the beach I wanted to try something new, so let’s see how this holds up
  11. Thanks will Hopefully post pics
  12. Just finished my CTS 18wt build for sharks and tuna. Want to thank HL for the incredible customer service and great blank. I have attached a couple pics on a scale to show the total weight of this build. I have to say the rod is a dream to cast and is very light in hand. I let a friend of mine who is an avid fly fisherman and he said he could easily cast into the backing with the Rio Leviathan 750 gr sink tip fly line. He was very surprised and gave high praise on the rod itself. It is paired with a Colton 1315 reel with upgraded drag stack. Also want to give a shout out to Bob who is awesome to say the least !!! I feel I got lucky with both guys with their knowledge and professionalism. You two will be the first to get pics
  13. Want to thank Herb for a flawless order on a CTS fly rod blank. He kept me in the loop from start to finish. I don’t think I have ever had customer service like this and will no doubt be ordering another rod blank again real soon. Thanks again for being a true professional. It was an incredible experience and took me back to a time when companies actually cared about the customer!!!
  14. Here is a screenshot of the rules. At least as much as I could for in the pic.
  15. Gotcha. I Viewed it as a criticism of the tourney and what it brings to the canal that is pretty much how it read to me . If people are so worried about killing SB, are the ones who chimed in no longer fishing for them?? Because they are doing the same thing the tourney people are doing but at least the tourney is raising and donating all its profits to the charity. All the other people who are fishing this weekend who aren’t joined up for the tournament are just killing SB and not doing much else but satisfying their own craving to catch and supposedly kill fish we can go on and on about the whole fishery heading to a collapse and all you people who have hopped on the now popular bandwagon to save the striped bass. You want to save them. Don’t fish for them and then preach to me about how this tournament is going to lead to the decline of the fishery I guess Everyone needs something to complain about these days so have at it. Bitch about how a tournament meant to help veterans, the same veterans who have signed up willing to protect your freedom and right to fish, is going to lead to the killing of more SB