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  1. I have had the 5000 for almost a year now. Got it in the early fall last year and used it for surf fishing and wading. The reel took a couple occasional dunks last year. Never rinsed off or taken care of. I did this purposefully to see what kind of abuse I could put it through At the end of the season I loosened the drag and put it on the rack for the winter. Took it out this spring in the kayak and have caught a dozen or so bass 40” or greater with it. Largest being over 45”. Didn’t skip a beat. Reel has been overboard twice so far this spring no rinse or wash after fishing each time I have been out. Drag still works smooth and no water intrusion that I can feel. No Geary noise or spots that want to lock up I have not cared for this reel to see what would happen to it. ( it was given to me to test from a tackle shop ). So far it has held up well, the only complaint I have is when I open the bail to let line out for trolling the line will get hung up on the roller bearing assembly. Has to do with how square and deep this area is. I do not jig with this reel but do use a 2oz popper and guppy pencil with it and the shaft still seems to be true and not bent I am not a Penn guy, all my reels are Shimano, but I have taken a liking to this reel and think for the money this is a great product. Would I reel it underwater?? No but it’s also not a VS or ZB. I am not afraid to give it a dunk or two every now and then though. So far this reel has probably seen more than 400 hrs of fishing in the northeast waters her on the cape and it’s still going strong
  2. Well that explains everything then
  3. Custom metal lip 13” made by my buddy Jason and given to me
  4. Surface Water temp has dropped by 6 degrees since the middle of the week and the high tide peak is perfect. Now is the time to get on the rocks and find them. They should be in close enough to reach with an eel or metal lip
  5. Ahhhh. Gotcha. Thank you MM
  6. Am I supposed to click this link ?? I did and then clicked the mail envelope. It said “ the page you are trying to access is not available to me “. Any other ideas. I made another account but with a 1 at the end. Would Prefer not to have to use this thanks in advance again
  7. There are plenty of large bass and have been since early May. Have caught a half dozen at 40” or greater all in 4-8 ft of water in May. Since the water has warmed up in June have been finding them in 12-16 ft. All reachable from shore, within (100yds) although we have been in kayaks for all except 3 of them. Night time is the right time
  8. Had to create a new username because I forgot my password. Won’t let me message you because I don’t have enough posts. Can’t access the password because my email account was shut down to no activity. How do I use my original username and retrieve a new password with a different email account than what was originally used to login