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  1. They follow the bait. A lot of guys in Casco Bay have been getting them on tube and worm rigs, trolling for striper and mackerel. They can be anywhere, all I can say is look for birds, look for bait.
  2. I will PM more info and money tomorrow very tired right now
  3. Let's do it
  4. 32 for 5?
  5. Number 7 you took for yourself right
  6. 30$ shipped for number 5?
  7. someone grabbed #5?
  8. Which are left?
  9. You can by going to moderator actions on the post, I believe
  10. 54$ for 8 and 2?
  11. is 8 still available?
  12. Seconds
  13. He's got a point, you know
  14. Would you consider dropping the price on the Metal lips?
  15. any of these still available?