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  1. I have never seen a sea robin eat a full-grown great white...
  2. length on darters?
  3. He and Baitcaster Bill have been tearing up the Presumpscot
  4. Either a henway or a tunado.
  5. I second this, one of the most underrated setups on the Atlantic coast
  6. Was hoping for a "what's a tunado?"
  7. It's a close relative of the tunado -- they share the same trophic level.
  8. He isn't wrong!
  9. Maybe a henway?
  10. Harbor pollock.
  11. When I fish for stripers in the river up North during the summer it's eels all around me, and the majority of my fish are taken on a dark SP. So I would say eels are fine, but I'm wondering if it's a bit early for them. These fish eat practically everything, so it might be worth experimenting a bit. I prefer cut bait to sand and bloodworms.
  12. nice
  13. Though I'm tempted to say "white perch" just to mess, I would have to agree with Roccus So that's the "neurocranium" of the fish (part of the skull). Kind of looks like that of a striped bass: * Your video is similar to this post: * But, I think that Roccus is likely correct with Black Drum, just looking at those scales.
  14. Appreciate it.