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  1. RHM

    Happy Birthday 2022 Rock Hoppin' Mike! Tight lines and keep the faith.............
  2. I had a 6' x 4' vinyl coated wire fencing attached to a wall on the inside of my garage. I was able to hang 1 1/2 gazillion plugs on it. After I completed the project it demonstrated to me that I just had to stop buying so many plugs..........................When I moved several years later I kept about 10 plugs which is really all I need. I gave all the others away, including 2 original John Habs needles.........
  3. I've had a very sour lower back now for 10 years and my last kayak was a 2016 Outback. I can't walk 20 feet but I can pedal that kayak for hours and I can ride a bike!! Everyone's back issues are different. I hope yours will allow you to enjoy kayaking.
  4. You really should give them the correct spelling, along with the pertinent information regarding your SS number and bank account and routing number. That way when you are locked up you can do an easy transfer of bail money to the court clerks office. By the time you are released,,,,,say in about 90 minutes, you should be a pauper! And if you should stay locked up you could also wire money to the nice company who will gladly extend your car's warranty.
  5. Over at the 'Gansett you can still get a Captain Lawrence on the Rocks for cheap money
  6. RHM

    They weren't the prettiest but they sure did catch fish
  7. RHM

    I really only knew Mike a short time. He taught me a lot and was very generous with his knowledge and home made plugs. His pencils were very productive. Mike is probably mid-60's. I think he's a little younger than me.... He did keep a lot of BS going on this forum. Maddening to many and hysterically funny to the rest of us!
  8. RHM

    Happy Birthday RHM. Enjoy the day from your favorite rock!
  9. Such a crazy productive spot once you figure out exactly what bait you should be using and exactly when the fishing is primo..........takes a long time to figure out though.................and it ain't easy.................
  10. There's a kayak store/marina in Niantic, CT that sells the full Hobie line and will put them in the water for you to try.
  11. I had a couple of Outbacks in my 50s & 60s and there's nothing like them. There's plenty of room, the seat is comfortable, and the back/forth pedal motion is very easy to deal with. As far for being "fast and dry".....well, how fast do you really need to go anyway and kayaking is a water sport so expect to get wet in any kayak. I would suggest that you make loading and unloading as simple as you can so that it never becomes a PIA to use your kayaks. I got a trailer (we had 2 kayaks) and launching and retrieving were absolutely simple. Car topping an Outback is difficult no matter what kind of a rack you have and if you have an SUV you need to bring a ladder or two because of the height. Kayak fishing is a perfect way to spend many days during the mid-Spring - late Autumn.
  12. You don't need anywhere near that much light. When those extra bright lights hit you in the face, it doesn't just ruin your night vision, it hurts like hell. Try being a 68 year old man and see how much light you need........................ daylight is barely enough!!! ..but I do my best to keep it down low.......
  13. I also braise, but after they've finished cooking I remove them from the liquid and rest them overnight. The liquid goes into the fridge and next day I pull all the fat off the top (there's always plenty!). Then I reduce on the stove, adjust the seasoning, and put the meat back in until 165F.
  14. Is that photo the actual horse.....or just the saddle?
  15. I'm not tryin' to be a wise-guy......especially on my first post above. In my opinion, fly-fishing is a major PIA. Yes! I know many people love it......but head on over to the Saltwater Edge and speak to them. They have world-class fly guys coming in there day & night, and some may be teachers/guides that can help you out. It's called "fishing", and not "catching" for a reason.........but after 6 years you've gotta' change your approach. Tight lines....keep the faith....you'll catch..........and you'll love it and be "HOOKED!!!"