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  1. The trailer is in very good shape. It may need leaf springs in 2 years......maybe. but that's not expensive and everything else is excellent. It's aluminum. Let's see if I can upload the photos.............how wide is it? I didn't measure but I used to take 2 H Outbacks on it. I'm pretty sure this is the trailer that can hold 2 Pro Anglers.....and it's light enough so that even with the kayaks on it, it can be moved around by hand. Also shown with the kayaks on (Outback and Sport). The kayaks have been sold.
  2. Trailex double kayak trailer. perfect for long kayaks, wide kayaks, Hobies, and others. $400.00 OBO can be seen in Richmond, RI *
  3. Kayaks are both sold! Thanks guys. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.
  4. I'm a Liar!!!!!! I advertised these as 2016 models. Today, while going through file cabinets getting ready to move I came across the paperwork for both of these kayaks. They are 2015 models!!!! Sorry for the misleading ad....no attempt to deceive anybody. The kayaks are in excellent condition. The Sport has been in the water maybe 20 times and the Outback about 40 times. Probably needs a price adjustment now due to my error. Outback $1350.00 Sport $950.00 Trailer is still $400.00 $2600.00 takes it all! Reply to: fishsouthcountyri@gmail.com
  5. The grossest thing is the thousands (yes, thousands!) of cigarette butts. The organizers want people to log everything they pick up but I don't bother. I figure my time is better spent actually picking up debris/trash than writing a log. I'll discuss what I found with the site organizer afterwards......let them write it down.
  6. No 180 drives on these. IMHO they are never really needed....But that's me. All reasonable offers will be considered.
  7. Next Saturday, 21 Sept 2019, Save the Bay is organizing the RI Coastal Cleanup from 9-11 at the Charlestown Breachway and 10 -12 at East Beach/Blue Shutters. It's a good effort by volunteers to clean up the mess created throughout the previous months, and a nice way to spend a couple of morning hours on the beach. I always bring gear just in case a blitz happens to wander my way. Garbage bags are provided. Google the Coastal Cleanup in Rhode Island and sign up....or just show up. Any amount of donated time is appreciated and helps out, you don't have to spend the entire 2 hours. Kids are also welcome.
  8. 2016 Hobie Outback in excellent condition $1700.00 2016 Hobie Sport in excellent condition $1300.00 Double Trailer trailer for above kayaks $400.00 Take everything for $3200.00 Can be seen in Richmond, RI or tested at Burlingame boat ramp.
  9. I agree, Kooky. A pier there, and that size, will quickly attract big crowds that will leave it filthy.
  10. That's nice! We've been so busy the last couple' days it's "hi sweetheart" and she hasn't been able to tell me she saw you. And tonight she'll be home after I'm asleep......I guess we'll catch up on the weekend. I'm so busy during "retirement" that I have no idea how I fit a full-time job into my day for so many years!! Coyotes are everywhere these days and when I take our dog out at 0330 every morning it's with a handgun in my pocket.
  11. Woodpeckers hammerin' away in South County now for nearly 2 weeks! Spring is my least favorite season......we get teased by a 64F day and then don't see the next one for 6 weeks............. Hey Kooky........I'm retired now but A#1 wonderful wife is now very close to your work-site.
  12. Yes, that's Quonnie, looking across the pond from the beach. The boat ramp is on the immediate left. The dredging company put that little dock in for their use.
  13. I was there 3 summers ago and it was very nice. Food and service both excellent. I would go back.
  14. buy the Weathertech.......nothing wrong with spending a hundred bucks to protect a thirty thousand dollar (or more) vehicle.....