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  1. “More crisp”… is an accurate descriptor for sure.
  2. In the most recent decades since when it was used exclusively, mine sat in a corner most of the time too. Before this rebuild I had used the guides I could find locally, which were black Fuji with shock rings and ceramic inserts. It had a Fuji plate style seat wrapped on too and there was really nothing light or comfortable about it. I used it less and less. We downsized a few years ago. As I whittled down the amount of tackle I amassed over the years, I still kept this Lamiglas knowing that it was destined for a more thoughtful rebuild. Last year I ran across an account on Instagram called Light Tackle Lounge. This guy (named Tom stephens) builds beautiful rods and uses a lot of fiberglass and metal guides. Seriously inspirational rods with gorgeous wraps that he sells to charter guys, pro guys, regular guys like me, and in every weight class from tarpon to trout. Not shilling for him, I don’t know him, but if you have a glass blank.. and want to redo it?… seeing work like that (and the work on this board frankly) really gets me motivated. Mine is like a 1st grade finger painting in comparison, but I did restore the original look, and make it lighter and made it comfortable in-hand. It will sit in the corner no more.
  3. Thank you for all the looks, likes, and comments. My wife and I have been battling Covid for the past couple weeks and posting up my project rod was a good diversion.
  4. No… not missing a ring. I used Pac Bay Minima guides in stainless. The rings are double swaged into the frames.
  5. Just wanted to show my finished rebuild of a vintage Honey Lami rod I’ve owned since about 1976. Purchased as a 9 ft rod back then, but over the first few years it was fished hard and I broke a piece or two off the tip and trimmed the butt a little too. It sits at 7’ 5” and I have re wrapped it now 3 times. I think this one will last me until I paddle off the edge eventually. I like it. I really wanted to give it the look and feel of the rod I purchased years ago at Goose Hummock. I have other more modern gear too, but this really is a fun rod to fish. I use it inshore bass, blues, harbors, etc. I put the custom decal on it to give it some provenance with a tip of the cap to where it came from. Thx for look’n.
  6. Thx.. solid leads to follow.
  7. I can move this if I need to. Thx
  8. We just cut the cable. It was just too damn costly every month. I’m looking to add an inexpensive streaming service or two. Hoping to end up with the Outdoor Network, World Fishing Network, Discovery/ and History channels… Fox News and Fox Business too. I can get FRNDLY tv and Discovery+ for well under $20 and that’ll cover a lot of what I want. But… What’s everyone else utilizing to stream outdoor programming and non-mainstream media/ news ? …. Seems like you just can’t get everything from the same service.
  9. Any thoughts or recommendations for more affordable boat trips for tog, bass, or blues , out of marinas within reasonable proximity to SW CT ? …. I’m not so interested in Porgy, but BSB is ok. Small private charters are above my pay grade, so I was hoping to discover some less costly boats somewhat close by. I don’t mean to sound like a cheapskate, but I have my limitations these days. Thanks in advance!
  10. I overcoated with D2… no more tack. Done deal with this rod.
  11. Thx ‘Plugger … I’m gonna try some D2…. Been using FC for decades and it’s time I try something different.
  12. Very disappointed with my latest batch of flexcoat high build. I’ve used it for years no problem… Over the summer I even used up a small amount of a batch that I bought years ago and it dried rock hard and crystal clear. This current batch I got off Amazon dried hard, but remains tacky. Can I overcoat it with another brand like Diamond II from Voodoo Rods? I really dread stripping it because I went to great lengths to match the wraps and under wraps on this older rod.
  13. Ditto… John Posh and Co. @ Stratford B&T were always very good to me. John taught me how to wrap guides on a blank without dropping a ton of coin on a fancy machine… that was pre internet and YouTube. Learned how to filet fluke there… bought some great gear there too. Went to some of the seminars he hosted with notable guests.. his Xmas party was always fun with that Venison chili. Any person interested in opening a successful shop should read all these comments and take them to heart. It’s waaay more than good numbers on a profit and loss report.
  14. Doesn’t make things better, but as of late they’re not the only retailer this happens with. Like a few others say, it’s better to find stuff locally, if you can!!….. one guy who used to be near me, now outta business (surprise surprise)… used to tell me to come back in two weeks. He was ordering online too, lol. I think it’s best to get stuff whatever way you can get it without blowing your stack. Stay with the ones who are at least “mostly” accurate, accommodating, and courteous at the same time. The emphasis being on “mostly”. None are perfect. Never hurts a retailer if they have better prices than competitors, but don’t expect me to be so stupid as to ignore their shipping prices are 3 times what others charge. Also, fixed price shipping rates based on dollar values, not on what your order weighs or what it really costs to ship is plain lazy.
  15. I hope to be able to show my work eventually, right now it’s looking pretty gruesome. Lol