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  1. hahaha...yeah that's one way of saying doing some hardware slinging...you chuck it out there over and over and over and over and....over.
  2. That is a definite yes....I'm up north of Pt Conception and our surf is pretty much always rough and a calm day is only 4-5' waves. That makes our surf pretty chaotic which seems to make fish less likely to be visually selective given the amount of 'stuff' in the water. That seems to make the halibut far less selective even fishing bait on the bottom.
  3. i've always used at least a 20lb mono for leaders. I'm also not sold on fluro being any less visible to fish than mono but who really knows and the fluro can't hurt anything but the wallet. As I ease back into fishing again I'm learning a bunch of different idea on leaders. I am somewhat leaning toward a short heavier leader using a good 30-50lb mono at about 6" attached to the main leader of whatever you feel works for the conditions. The idea of shorter heavier secondary leader between the main leader and hook is appealing when going after "toothier" species. That is my only reason for considering giving it a shot. Otherwise I've caught plenty of Cali floundhabits on 30-40lb mono leader over the years. Not sure they really see it . Maybe in clear waters it might be an issue since they do tend to follow the lure for a bit unless it's a feeding frenzy/high activity or rougher & less clear waters. John Skinner has some really good videos on YT taken underwater to see how they react and hunt food when it catches their attention. One is a good 45min or so and very revealing to their feeding behaviors. I always believed they were more reactionary feeders than the videos revealed.
  4. have always wondered how a light spray of RainX might work on reels & rods after cleaning & before heading out. Wondered about the spray wax type products out there today as well, there are lots of marine specific products...find them looking at protectants for the RV to protect the gel coat.
  5. plus 1000000 for Zenni....like you mention you need to know all your numbers including frame fitment measurements.
  6. ok then , why bother ranting if you don't want to gather actual data to document the issues as wide spread and not in specific batches. Gather more than anecdotal data and you can present a valid case from a consumer protection POV...or just blow off gathering facts to document more than your individual case. Yes there seems to clearly be issues then again maybe gathering info might suggest something different. But peeing in the cheerios at every mention might cast doubt and trying to prevent finding a solution to help others who may or may nort have bad copies of the reel. I've been through this sort of thing with many photogram lenses (ad a few bodies) over the decades and I mean $20k glass that was flawed and never corrected even upon the service promises. Gathering the data made the differences in pretty much every case...oh, well...
  7. it was the new Fathom II with the knobbly adjustment knob that had the wrist issue. On the Squall II that mag knob is on the other side of the reel. I heard some from Penn talk about the issue to explain the unfortunate location on the Fathom II, said it was there to allow making in-cast adjustments while bait was still in the air...
  8. this tip might apply from my photography days...look for bags that are brightly colored inside. So many bags are line with dark to black material. That can make it impossible to find thing by sight. Having a bight color lining makes finding some items a breeze. That goes for the small pockets too. I'm also a big fan of well made smallish sling bags vs traditional two strap packs. You can keep them around your back until needed then just sling them around right in front of you and it will open up just right to give full access to the insides. I have a huge, the biggest National Geographic made, photography pack that would hold every big, ok, every. lens I owned plus 5 remote flashes, a couple full frame bodies, you name it...I don't make spend time shooting anymore so I am going to repurpose that bag to carry my gear in total then add a smaller sling bag and a belt to carry what I want that day. I loved the NattyG bags because they are heavy real canvas that you can totally waterproof. I look at fishing bags and kind of shake my head at the prices. I'd rather hit up a maker like Tom Bihn in Seattle to make a custom bag rather than pay for another made in China bag that last week as $4.99 in the discount bin with the same features....sorry I have an attitude with bag makers as a rule.
  9. nifty....very neat solution. I like it can be attached to you in several ways especially the slot for a water bottle as I usually leave that in my bag whenever I go anywhere. So maybe it's 99-cent store here I come. Only reason the Nalgene is worth the price is it's BPA free and pretty durable as plastics go...storing my rubber wormy things maybe they might have a bargain basement version at one of the dollar-type stores.
  10. I think it was Tackle Advisors (scooby, yes?) who mentioned this place in passing a few times . I was searching for a place to get back up to speed on simply surf fishing and was ready to iron my eyes and ears after the YT zealots had informercialed me to death...gawds save me from the catch-n-cook ever again....but yeah that was how I found here....glad I have, so far anyway.
  11. oh thanks my fisherman friend, you fish so we are friends, i think it's very easy to do the 'paralysis by analysis' thing. We all are prone to overthink stuff because we feel the need for perfection plus we want to be good at it...no matter the sport the only way to excel is via doing it and, ultimately, screwing up or getting skunked or a million other things that can go sideways. Learn to cast, set your drag for surf to at most about 10lbs give or take and you can estimate that or use a scale but line is never perfect nor are out knots but plan on line failing about 30% of it's weighted break point then you can set your drag safely and never run into line or knot failure. Next learn a good knot you can tie quickly on the pier/beach/boat so you can refit your rig to get back into the water. YT does have a lot of super demos on knot tying, it's a one of the positives there. Learn how to rig baits for your different types of fishing...high-low, fish-finder, drop rig, again there are a bunch...you can control depth when using bait or even some style lures using a bobber if the situation calls for it....ug, my brain is melting. hahaha... But see there is a lot to absorb and trust me, you won't right away no matter how much you study because nothing works 100% of the time. So get a nice startup set of tackle and tools like a knife, grippers, NEEDLE NOSE pliers (a must), decent set of gloves (I just added a pair from Dec called their Dex 5 which are very cut resistant for like $12 and we'll see how they work)...if you're pier fishing consider adding a drop net to help bring up or drop back down your larger fish....but these all takes time to build not just because you could spend $5k in about 20 min of stock up on gear alone but also because you don't really know what ya need yet... I bet you're going to have a blast and catch at least a few fish even if it's just a few smelt or whatever for bait using a small sabiki rig...
  12. hehehe...right on man...really you can do this. Yes you're gonna screw up but that is the fun of it, there is a challenge and it's not possible to get it perfect no matter how much you learn...it's a lot like golf. There are a set of basics you need to know, and you clearly do as you ask good questions, but at some point you need to take that knowledge and apply it to how you fish or whatever. Don't try and mimic other peole and how they fish or cast but rather learn from what they do or say and then apply that to your game. The best of the best do not follow so-called perfect form, instead they adapt the concepts to fit into their game. That you seem ready start doing. Oh, and when you create a ball of tangled line, just laugh and try to fix it...every single fisherman I have known does that now and then and did it more than we'd care to admit early on.
  13. dude just go and do it fer gawds sakes...not being mean but you can't have your hand held every time you need to pee. Depth has zero to do with your cast anyway. Of you mean distance, just how in the world would anyone give you a number? I'm a big strong guy, even at my age, and I should easily get 50-90yds underhanded on a pier with a 3-4oz weight if I put real effort into it....plus do not forget you're elevated above the sea level...recall your basic physics or algebra and how gravity and parbolic flight works....your goal is a 45-degree angle upward from there it's a function of acceleration applied at launch and elevation and the weight of the object being cast vs gravity's need to drag it to the ground.
  14. yay!! I actually got smarter than the rube goldberg device I bought to spool my reels. It's pretty nifty after all. So I just now got the Salty 6k spooled up with about 50yrd of 25lb mono backing and about 250yds of...ummm, wait lemme go look...Power Pro SS8 v2. So manana I'll walk out to the practice field and take a few million casts to get a feel for both it on the Rockaway Surf and how my new to Penn 113N works with the really el cheapo SeaKnight Blade Nylon which is supposed to be 30lb but sizes out as about 17ln based on diameter. Meh, I just bought it because I thought the black color was a fun. Yeah, I am now at that point in life where just having that 2nd childhood and doing off the wall stuff seems ok since I no longer care what anyone thinks of it, I'm having fun either way. But tomorrow evening for sure I'll post what the casting felt like and some distance estimations from different weights up to 3oz, maybe 4oz if I'm feeling adventurous.
  15. btw, that was a joke but I didn't set it up right. Many years ago I had golden retrievers and kids, not just one, but sort of toddler age would come up to pet and play with him telling me they had a dog just link him at home, only different....so oops on my part and thanls for the added detail.