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  1. nice to finally find a fellow Saltx user. I don't mind the weight either. It hits maybe the max my hands can manage for a day of fishing. It's a shame there were a fair number of issues early on and that's on Tsunami but far as I know reading the posts everywhere, they were good about servicing or even replacing...if you can find their contact info. I find it balances well on my 10'er. I was ready to get out the weighted tape to add a bit of weight on the butt. That moves the center of gravity towards the reel seat, maybe, you know in case it's already rear heavy. However not a need at all. I really don't see any need to grab the 4000 since the weight is pretty much the same. Wish they had a 3000 though.
  2. we need a fisherperson's Rascal with all wheel drive, plus it could pull the beach wagon. Seriously though I totally feel for your lovely. I've had one hip replaced and though it's OK I don't have the same walking-on-sand stamina in it anymore.
  3. there is also the Saltx 6000 or even 4000. The 6k is about 18oz-ish spooled up with 40lb braid. The 4k is pretty much the same weight as the 6k fpr sp,e odd reason, I'm betting it's actually 1-2oz lighter. My 6k is a great reel so far and I use it on a 10ft MH Rockaway Surf. I don't mind the balance to me it actually feels OK. And sure a bit lighter might be nice but, meh, a few ounces difference max shouldn't be a huge deal unless ya have wrist/arm/shoulder probs (I actually do with RA and my hands kill me 99% of every day but that's what pain meds are for, gotta go fishing , right?)
  4. Just a suggestion but search Amazon using the search phrase "folding ice chest" and you'll find a zillion of them of varying quality and cost. Best ones seem to start about $45 to over $100 (YIKES?!!!??) but I got one years ago, sorry actually forgot the brand, but it was perfect for climbing the rocks with maybe a 3-5lb bag of ise or even better a few frozen Blue Ice packs. I'm betting there are even better frozen ice packs these days.
  5. that's actually for your fishing partner when they catch the bigger trophy size? So, yup, Six Feet Under is perfect.
  6. Jeff...wow you 'n I have similar needs in terms of fitment of our sexy behinds into a kayak! Gonna pay close attention to your use for sure. Heck even our beards went white not Grey! boy. hope I didn't offend it's just so nice to find someone of similar design to me these days.
  7. I've read several older threads about a similar question. None were actually answered for what I kinda sorta need. Had a new total hip almost 5yrs ago next Jan 27. Seems like just yesterday really. generally it's been OK though. unfortunately it didn't fully work out pain free as there were complications during the surgery as in the original stem was not near big or long enough for the size of my femur. apparently. Extra hour under and extra unit of blood neither of which are that great to learn, but meh, life goes on. Can't sleep on the left side (oops yeah left hip) as I apparently have most of the last week. Ice works get over pain meds as a miracle cure so it's ok just part of my concern for a kayak. Sitting is OK as long as I'm in a chair where I can not be at a 90-deg sitting position. So far from learning I need to have the seat 18" or so above floor. Hard to get exact info from mfg's. So thrilled to find this sub-forum. So I'm looking at maybe an Old Town 136. Might even play around with an outrigger I've seen on one, you know just for fun now & then. I'm not asking about padding or seat back height (doesn't matter for my needs) just finding a nice comfy taller seat to take a look at. I just noticed the Old Town has a seat that does have a height adjustment which looks really close but not sure. I'm still in planning stages. I just moved to Sacramento California and we have several wonderful rivers for King Salmon, Stripers and Steelhead migration for spawning. I'm stuck bank fishing which is actually fine as I learn the rivers buuut just turned 61 on 5/11 and dang it, I wanna have a new toy! hahaha... oh, just as an added bonus, I was Dx'd with Rheumatoid Arthritis way back when I was 9yrs old. Luckily no significant joint disfigurement just pain in all large joints and hands (spent 40yrs writing code, go figure but hands are Fine while actually typing just have issues for physical stuff at times)
  8. damnit!!! reel porn, i need a tissue of 60 now, thank you very much!
  9. bingo...drop down sort of side arm with a strong wrist-flip delivery. Not easy with longer rods. It can add enough distance...sometimes. Otherwise, start jigging.
  10. what? a 34hr day is to much for ya? Nice to read you're not burnt out by YT. appreciate your YT videos a lot, for the same reasons others mention...unbiased and totally irreverent. Of course I blame you for turning me on to the danged Lucky Craft Wander, so the video was 4yrs old, it's all your fault, dang it, that they were D/C'd. Seriously, it's excellent news to read...
  11. hahaha...wasn't here for then but sure sounds like a "careful what you wish for" thing. West Coast here so there is at least one lurker peaking in now and then.
  12. Were it not for, as I understand your POST and given you were on a FL pier, a big Grouper can easily spool a reel of that size of the VSX250. But dang you're fishing on top...
  13. Owner actually makes hooks specifically for replacing trebles on lures. They have a size chart to aid. It handy for whatever brand hook you shoot for.
  14. you can always test for plastic using a hot needle to poke the thing you think is plastic in some inconspicuous area. If the needle melts into the thing then it's, well, not wood or metal for sure. Doesn't mean it is actual plastic as many other things melt like plastic it's just a way to see it's actually wood/metal.
  15. I know this option is not the lightest 12' option but I am really impressed with mine I bought last year. I did not notice if you're after casting or spinning, I wanted casting and came across this rod thanks to a recommendation from a friend and a good review on YT video. It is from Bass Pro Shops called Offshore Angler Ocean Master Surf Casting Rod - OSR12C. Rated for 6-12oz and 20-50lb mono and while it is a bit thick. Think the broomhandle image but actually not as heavy as it sounds. The guides & other components are Fuji, it's really solid build quality. I bought mail order sight unseen, never ever tried that with a rod...and I didn't get it on sale either so I dumped a few bucks at $179 though it apparently can go on sale for around $129-$149. If handled smoothly I am sensing it can handle 12-14oz payload if you don't try and cast to Hawaii from CA. I bought it for, what sounds like, the same reason you are looking for something, fishing the surf in CA sand to the rocks/cliffs of the coast. I also wanted to be able to chuck around 8-10oz 120-150yrds for my prefered surf areas as well as to reach close to the rocks on coast from Santa Barbara north to Big Sur when the currents and surf can be pretty strong either on occasion or always. And I wanted 12' for the added height when bait fishing in what I call sit-n-spin mode with the rod sitting in my surf rod holder. The extra 1' over my old 11' rod was just right to help keep the line over the surf to help keep things from being nudged around by the current/waves. I wasn't after anything to use for hardware slinging other than an hour or two now and then. I gotta say it has done all of that for me. I mounted my Penn US Senator 113N with what was claimed to be 35lb mono but the diameter is more around 17lb. The combo casts nicely with up to about 10oz bait and sinkers. I can easily hit about 120-140yrds with the 8-10oz payload. feels as if there is plenty of capacity left in the tank to hit the cast harder and get more distance but I really haven't found the need or the guts to push it further, my only rod for a while. My reel-rod combo is not light but is also not heavy in any way. I'm used to older gear from the '70s that easily weight in at 40-50% more for a 10'-11' rod and older Penn Squidder/Long Beach/Jigmaster setup. I, however do not know the actual rod weight. Like I mentioned it is also thicker on the handle end, bigger than I expected from a modern rod but also much lighter than that image made me feel it could be. I haven't landed anything bigger than about a 12lb ling and danged ray. Sorry I went into so much detail, I just don't time to visit often as I want so tried to include what I can recall about my mindset shopping and buying this beastie. Oh, it is actually a very sharp and expensive looking rod fit & finish wise.