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  1. What's "it" ?
  2. On my first build I had trouble getting the epoxy I wanted for handles ( Cork). USPS problems. So I did some reading and saw many raving about Tite Bond 2. So I bought some from the local hardware store. I'm here to tell ya that stuff took days to set. The handle is tight now but really? Days? Don't think I'll be using that again. I have bought flex bond rod builders epoxy. 30 minute I think. Dries in 2-3 hrs to the touch. A repair I was doing has set up well over night. Was wondering if in a pinch thread wrapping epoxy would adhere cork to rods? Have no intention of building one after another so Id hate to see any of this stuff expire.
  3. Got the seat off with a pr of dikes. Once it was off just ground all the un-needed material away. Thanks all.
  4. Getting the plastic part of the reel seat off is gonna be tough I see.
  5. I didn't explain myself well enough. The seat needs to be replaced. I was wondering what is a common way to do this. I have only built 1 rod. When I did. handle seat and foregrip and winding all went on from the tip. With guides on that can't happen.
  6. Still pretty new to all this. Son-in-law has a broken reel seat on a Falcon rod. He's emotionally attached. So I would like to try and repair this just for the experience. I watched a few vids on using steam to take this apart. But seeing as most everything went on from the tip down. Now with guides on we're not working that way. Do we fill in the void with epoxy? Is it worth it to try and save the handle or is it toast? And if someone would be good enough to steer me in the right direction to repair this I'd appreciate it.
  7. Ready to put a tip on my first build. 7'6" rod with the following guides. 25H (1), 12H (1), 7M (1), 5.5L (1), 5J (6) . ( Pre bundled spinning kit from Mud Hole)I know my tip size but I don't know about ring size. .By the time Fuji's K-L system gets to the tip is there a a difference in ring size for casting a spinner ?
  8. Hi all, first post here. I'm working on my first build and have a question. 1. Even after using color a preserver given to me ( Cabelas brand 2 unopened jars) it seems to me I have still lost some of the bright vivid color on my thread after applying flex coat high build. Everything seemed to mix well and cured fine. Any thoughts ? Is there a better color preserve, better thread?