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    Love Kayak Fishing. I fish form a Hobie Outback. I live in NYC.
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    Kayak Fishing, Fishing in general, Music (trumpet player), wood working.
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    Minister/Pastor in The Salvation Army.

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    Manhattan, NYC
  1. I went out again last night with my buddy Gus (best guy ever!) and caught this guy right here. It’s been a lot of years since I caught a stripper. It put up a pretty good fight! FUN, FUN, FUN! This was right in Raritan Bay, not far from shore. Thank you Gus for a fun night out!
  2. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah it was super slow, but had a great time. Hoping to meet you sometime soon!
  3. Thank You Pressphotog... truly appreciate it!
  4. Hey Everyone, I started Fishing Kayak not too long ago. Saturday I went to Raritan Bay for the first time with my buddy Gus. Absolutely beautiful sunset. But it was super slow, cough nothing. We were trolling for hours. What would be an advice you can share for my next time out? Tried pretty much all this guys... Thank you everyone!