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  1. I just got skunked between 8 pm - 10 pm on the NH / Me Border on the Maine side. I was wading casting a dark clouser / no takers! Waders leaked in the crotch! Hahah-Despite all this - it was great to be back on the water.
  2. Howdee folks - I’m a newbie on this StripersOnline forum but used to be on the old Reel-Time back in the day! Anyway - I drive a ‘04 silver Tacoma with Maine plates “FishTaco” so if you see me parked somewhere in Maine I’ll be nearby wading with flyrod in hand... say hello. I’m going to drive down to greet the fish in Newburyport Saturday night for my first time this year. Can’t wait - psyched. I’ll post the good bad or ugly here afterwards! Tight lines -