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  1. I have a Spheros SW 5000 Offshore. $215ish. No windknots. I feel like this is a workhorse. It has seals. Haven't dunked'er but lots of sandy splash on it. Line roller and drag have required attention otherwise good on second season now. Also have the CI4+ Ultegra 5500 but will be trying to sell it due to the rod pulsations it has even with the allegedly designed for it Tiralejo. It does cast really well but sounds like it would not be able to handle sandy splash at all.
  2. @madcaster check out this thread by @moocks
  3. Anyone want to comment on the RM Smith Jack Hammer. I believe this is 9" plug. I'm curious if anyone knows what the diameter of this plug is, how it casts, and how much it weighs. Plenty of hooks on this one, whoa!
  4. Bump for Madcaster
  5. Thanks Steel for sharing your experience. I do notice quite a difference between the 316 and the 308 when wiring!
  6. Thanks Carlezon. Well, I guess I'll fish this 308L stuff and see what happens. I did have SS swivels I boughten from one of the plug hardware shops fail on me. They turned greenish and failed and required rewiring of the plug which is no good. So I've been on the losing side of this corrosion thing. I think it was Rosco swivels I boughten. Not sure.
  7. Carlezon thx. That work hardening is what I didn't like about the 316L. As to corrosion, I only been using 308L for this season. Any idea what happens to the 308L when it corrodes--are we talking it weakening and breaking much easier if it gets bent? Or will it become really weak at points where it is bent already?
  8. For tail weights I use stuff boughten from a plug tackle store. But for belly weights I been using 1/4" lead coil. Could really use something in a 1/2" size though.
  9. TIG welding rod wire. Used to use 316L. Switched to 308L. 308L is easier to work with, easier on the hands.
  10. Success! Spray paint it white or flo green good to go.
  11. TRy rotating the nose loop 180 degrees when u test it, if that's possible, esp. if it is too bobby rocking up/rising out of the water and bouncing. That nose loop looks pretty low just thinking
  12. Mad I think they weight it all different ways, basically depends on how you like to fish them and what u need them to do. Level float to vertical float to level sink to tail down sink. I suggest try making a cigar shape with really blunt tapers at the ends. 5.5" and 7/8" diameter. The more u taper the tail the less room to explore different weight schemes.
  13. Fantastic tutorial Sngl!
  14. Dave don't defend yourself, that only makes them more bloodthirsty. Basically every thread where someone lays out a plan, outrage more or less ensues. It's our modern social media environment!
  15. Looks great. Love the white to green fade. Classic stuff.