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  1. Those are great looking plugs! Would you say Pikies are more suitable for calmer water or are both Danny's and Pikies pretty much utilized under the same circumstances?
  2. Hey guys, I don't really fish metal lips much, mostly darters and poppers. However, I have used Dannys with good luck. Can anyone tell me the difference between a Pikie and a Danny? I've heard different guys say different things about them. Just want to get a better understanding of the difference and their use. Thanks! Good Luck in the Surf!
  3. I have had Simms for a few years and I have to say they are the best waders I have ever had. You'll spend more on them but just like everything else you get for what you pay for!
  4. Thats what its all about! Definitely a fish to remember!
  5. Picked up some awesome Northbar wooden Darters form Larry Welcome!
  6. I generally rinse everything a soon as I get home plugs and all.
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to put out a post for anyone considering a VR 200. I purchased a 1st gen 200 one about a month ago because I wanted a VS without having to spend $800. I switched it over to bailess and about three trips in the surf I noticed a loud squeak coming from the shaft. I hadn't dunked it at all so I was really confused about why it was making a noise like this. So, I ended up taking it back to where I purchased it and spoke to Craig Cantelmo. He said it was a crooked seal in the body of the reel. I honestly was pretty disappointed. However, the shop manager was a great help and I ended up buying a VSX 200 (which I wanted from the start). I believe he sent the faulty reel back to VS so they could take a look at it. My personal review is that the 1st gen VR is not as suitable to hard surf like the flagship VS. Much more delicate. It is definitely a great reel for use on a boat and light surf where you wouldn't submerge the reel. I don't think it has the resistant capabilities like the VSX does. I also spoke with Lous down at Fisherman's HQ's and he told me about the influx of reel services because of the VR (guys having issues with them etc.) With that being said there just really isn't much like the workhorse that is the VSX and earlier models. Just something to consider before deciding on either the VR or VSX. Thanks guys good luck in the surf!