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  1. Man you're getting me hooked on them Muskie rods lol. At what weight is your sweet spot when slingin lead? Will a 6 or 8 oz load that XXH enough in your opinion?
  2. That's a sweet setup. How's your experience with cork vs foam handles?
  3. I realize I could just use a heavy bass rod if I wanted for stripers but it can't handle anything more than 3-4 oz on a full cast. But 4oz doesn't cut it in the current so Im thinking I need a big rod for slinging heavy lead that can handle 50" stripers or even sturgeon if I'm lucky.
  4. My 9'6" was already poking into some branches as I cast so I imagine 11' and longer I'd be fishing trees more than fish. But I understand what I'm asking for is very niche so I might just have to do with an 11'. And for custom rods, if the price is right and it's got a good rep then yeah I'd swoopt it up. $250 is the highest I'd go to though, $300 if it was enticing enough. I'm still a cheap man at heart though lol.
  5. What options do you recommend? I use both but prefer baitcaster.
  6. Hi everyone, So I've recently gotten into striper fishing with my dad and need to buy a new rod. Currently I use a 25 year old 7' ugly stik tiger XH but it doesn't get me enough distance. I'm mainly throwing bait with 4-8oz of lead which handles it like a champ. Tried doing the same with my salmon/steelhead okuma guide select classic 9'6" XH but feels like the rod would blow up anytime I tried to bomb an 8oz halfway across the river. Then I found out about surf rods but being on the riverbank with lots of trees and shrubbery behind me, an 11 or 12ft would be too long for the majority of stretches along the river where my full cast potential is hindered. Doesn't seem like there is a solid 10' surf rod that can bomb 8oz is there?