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  1. Interesting, I don't have that audible tick at the top and bottom of the oscillation stroke, maybe its the oscillation gear guide shifting in the main shaft? Shimano uses a small rubber o-ring to distort that noise and not bind up the oscillation gear guide. People have used grease on the main shaft spot where that guide moves through I believe.
  2. I just noticed that on the spec sheet that came with the reel, where all the part numbers are listed with the pictures of the reels, it has different handle part numbers, which would be correct for the different handle lengths I assume, however it only shows the inner collar piece and washer for the larger reel sizes. I want to say it shows the inner collar and washer were with the 18K and above sizes, but doesn't show for the 14K and below sizes.
  3. I know just what you are talking about ecks, I noticed the inner collar has to be screwed in all the way to completely screw the handle in all the way. It's an interesting design, maybe they did that to increase the strength of the one piece handle?
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback, It sounds like it is hit or miss, but I am sure the reel will still be a lot of fun use.
  5. I think mine might be gear lash or handle play from a gear inside. I tried a different handle, same 2020 14k Saragosa and it had the same gear lash. I have never noticed it before with other spinning reels that I own. However the handle knob on this reel is very nice with zero play.
  6. Hey everyone, I just purchased a 2020 Shimano Saragosa 14,000 and the screw that is in the handle that attaches the handle to the reel has a small bit of movement. It causes the handle to move a small amount and is noticeable when attached to the reel. It will still probably work fine, but is more annoying than anything else. Does anyone else who has a 2020 Saragosa have any experience with this?