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  1. I meant to ask, these were littering the beach one morning. Does anyone know what they are?
  2. Hey guys, I just got back from a week on the 4x4/Carova beach area for the first time. I didn't see a lot of love on here for the northern beaches so I thought i'd share my experience. We usually stay in Hatteras and I have to say, it was definitely different. It was pretty weedy, especially in the wash. If you didn't have the ability to keep your line out of the water for the first 20-25yds, you were likely fouled up within a couple of mins. There seemed to be plenty of whiting to be found, the osprey's were regularly picking >12" fish out of the wash at all times of the day. We were even lucky to catch enough for a night of fish tacos, much to the delight of everyone in our house. Based on the sand flea and small crab debris washed up on the beach, it looks like that's what they were eating on the most. We used berkley gulp fleas and crabs with fish bites. Had the best luck at low tide where we could reach deeper water, and had a couple of really strong pulls on the gulp crab but nothing connected. Tons of dolphins and birds working the surf line, seemed to be some smaller bait fish around and saw my first Atlantic silverside. Overall a pretty good week, even if a little disappointing with surf conditions, given the tides and moon. The beaches are a lot flatter, the continuous traffic and stampeding horses are an interesting addition to the normal fishing challenges.