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  1. Orvis sells the Danvise- i use it and it's great- I even tie 1/2 oz. bucktail jigs on it, hook is about4/0. I think it might be the best out there for the price. The only problem I see is that the jaws are not offset enough for long flies, but I make due.
  2. Gee, Thanks for all the great replies
  3. Anyone know where to get a Shimano Stella overhauled ? Mine took a bad turn in the sand the other week, now it sounds awful, even after a good washdown-please don't tell me to do it myself,. 1 other thing, I know this probably belongs in the buy sell forum, but I would be willing to trade my VS 100 for a Stella 4000F if anyone's interested.
  4. Look up Cap. Charles Wright, Chokoloskee Charters. You won't be sorry.
  5. Please check out the Buy-Sell forum
  6. This granite white kayak is set up for fishing, includes seat, paddle, and rod holder. Asking $400. Boat is located in Catskills, I live in Brooklyn, I can deliver it within a reasonable area.
  7. Peacock herl makes great wooley bugger bodies. I tie in a 3 strands near the hook bend, then twist them fairly tight with the thread and wind towards the eye, palmer in your hackle and presto, makes a terrific bugger and really catches fish.
  8. Crease flies worked real slow, with an occasional pop- this has worked wonders for me some nights.
  9. JB says he doesn't want his tax $'s going anywhere he doesn't like them to go. Spend the $ on what's good for him and his family(and what he perceives to be in his country's best interests). A very interesting way to view the tax system- everyone gets whatat they want, only. Very childish. Very naive, very backwards, pass the joint over this way.
  10. Gotta jump in here a second. When Jordan controlled the area now known as East Jerusalem, they still kept their Palestinian brothers in refugee camps, this despite the fact that most of Jordan's population is comprised of Palestinians. Now why is that??? Next, when their Palestinian brothers got rowdy, they massacred a few thousand of them (Black September). The jackals of the world call Sharon a war criminal. perhaps they can't stand the fact that he doesn't put up with all the bullschit, and he understands Israel's enemies. The idea of arming both sides equally is an anti Jewish acid head's pipe dream indeed. Israel was outgunned and outnumbered in every past war with the Arabs, yet they won. Oh, those crafty long nosed little lawyers who killed the Lord and now run America. You better do something soon, before they buy the NY Yankees.
  11. Anybody going? Lefty's gonna be there- if you do, look me up.
  12. Had a similar experience on hte Neversink this weekend. a real mixed bag hatch, coudn't get arrested.
  13. Thanks for the responses,but I think you guys are also a bit unclear about this Quadratrac thing. I will call the company and report back. Thanks
  14. I just got my new 04 Grand Cherokee yesterday. I really wasn't looking to get into a Jeep on this lease, but the price was unbeatable- saved $30 a month over my last Jeep lease for a car with better options. Anyway, the truck has the Quadratrac II transmission. The last one had the Selectrac. This vehicle is apparently in full time 4 wheel drive, or is it all wheel drive, I don't know. The first thing is I'm probably gonna get worse gas mileage, but I wonder what other differences there are than the old tranny- anyone know?