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  1. All good if you change your mind I’d do either Mike’s for wonderbread darter.
  2. Googoo gordos? BM 2 oz darter or pencil, or white plug lab grenade? Loki sea sliders. Any one of those. Can toss kicker for Loki.
  3. Hi Gary, I have a lightly used bottle but not interested in habs. Have any flatglides or BM wadds/mini wadds?
  4. Sorry wrong thread
  5. Would you like to make a trade? What would you want to do if so? Thanks
  6. Sounds good, what would you like to do?
  7. I like the bottom whiteish with few black spots, wonderbread, and yellow w/pink in that order. They look about the same size. What are the weights approximately don’t have to be dead nuts just about?
  8. This is troller and the mini swimmer.
  9. Mini swimmer and a troller
  10. Ok sorry I don’t own any lefty’s. I have a few Mikes lightly used.
  11. Don’t worry all good. Was just curious. The wigglefish is the only ccw I own. I’ve been wanting one of Bills jetty swimmer, darter, or Danny. Is there any other plugs you maybe interested in?
  12. I meant bottom one. White/bone with spots.
  13. All good thanks for consideration. Out of curiosity what is the weight on white and wonderbread darters?
  14. Wigglefish is new, never carried or used.
  15. Pics attached. 3 angles.