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  1. Only taking plug #2, Plug #5 is still available for you to sell. Thanks again!
  2. Would you do lot 1 for $75?
  3. Offer $40 if you change your mind.
  4. Offer $35 for the two guppy’s
  5. Ok no rush, see what else you get offered. Good luck maybe you get something really nice on the cheap.
  6. I have a 9ft penn carnage 2 surf spinning rod 3/4-3oz. I can do it for a $100 well taken care of, less than a year old. Only issue is I’m in CT near Branford.
  7. do you have any guppy jobos you would be willing to sell?
  8. I’ll take number 2 and 5. Can you do even $50 shipped?
  9. Where are you located? Incase I’m able to pick up.
  10. Anderson still available?
  11. Ok GLWS if you change your mind I’m close meet up is easy.
  12. How much for the two gibb swimmers?
  13. I’d offer $25 for the night stalker and pink one.
  14. Are 1&2 still available? Do you also have any other guppy’s you wanted to get rid of? Thanks.
  15. How much for just the Guppy pencils? Where are you located?