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  1. I wear my plug bag on my belt with its belt loops and even though I have a quality surf belt, the bag can still weigh the belt down a bit. I know many guys just wear theirs around their shoulder with a strap but I feel like that'd get uncomfortable after a few hours of casting and 10 lbs of lures in the bag. How do you guys wear your surf bags comfortably and effectively?
  2. What brand bag is that?
  3. I do that when possible but most of my surf fishing is done wading out to rocks in Montauk
  4. I am looking for a montauk surf rod suggestion. Pairing it with a vr200. I’m gonna be hitting montauk all of fall and I’m looking for a rod that is very fun when you get into a schoolie blitz but can also handle an occasional cow if need be. For the most part I’ll be tossing 3/4-1 oz lures but will go up to 3 oz in some conditions. Any suggestions are appreciated
  5. Definitely not skishing but plan to really beat the thing up. When walking out to rocks I like to use my rod as basically a walking stick so it’s gonna be getting dunked and banged around.
  6. Why’s that?
  7. My family has a house in montauk so I’ll basically be living there in the fall
  8. Any word on when the 2022 model hobie outback may be released? Or at least when 2021 outbacks will be in stock anywhere?
  9. I know the porgy run is goin on in the peconics but does anyone know if the porgies are biting in the central LI sound?
  10. Recently got a kayak and will be taking it fishing for the first time this week. What are some of the must haves out on the water? Including tackle, lures, bait etc. Gonna be fishing the peconics.