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  1. I have an Islander IR2. Best suited for 3-5wt. Would be a phenomenal reel for a 4wt set up. Canadian made with very tight tolerances.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, for the 9wt I am set on the lost tip.
  3. Surely someone has these lines just lying around unused.
  4. That’s a bummer. Guess I didn’t realize that if I want both items I can’t make an offer on one post. How about $150 for the tradewinds and 11wt Bermuda line?
  5. How about $150 for the 11wt Wulff Bermuda Short and the tradewinds?
  6. I keep eyeballing this and figure a 2nd tradewinds wouldn’t hurt. I wanted to respectfully offer $150 for this and the 9wt Wulff Triangle Taper Saltwater Intermediate.
  7. Yes. You’ve got yourself a deal at $150. Sorry for the delayed response. I am out in the middle of nowhere for the holiday weekend and my service is very poor. If you can send me a message with your PayPal info, I will get payment sent over as soon as my service allows. Will be back in town by Monday evening.
  8. I was wondering if you have the reel pouch, box, and/or tool for this? I’d like to very respectfully offer $145.
  9. Still looking. Anyone have one collecting dust?
  10. *
  11. I want to buy 2 wulff fly lines: 9wt wulff Bermuda Triangle taper lost tip 10wt wulff Bermuda Triangle taper floating line Located in Washington state.
  12. Modest price drop. $725
  13. Billy pate tarpon fly reel by T. Juracsik. Measures 3.75” in diameter. Comes with backing and fly line. Not sure exactly which fly line is on here, but appears to be in good shape. There are a few scrapes here and there and a few spots on the reel foot. Functions as it should. Currently set up for right hand wind (rhw). Stored with drag off. If you need more photos or additional information, feel free to ask. I previously had this listed elsewhere and a gentleman asked if it was in fact a tarpon because it looked small. Based off measurements and referencing Tibor’s website, I’m pretty sure. I included photos with other reels for reference. $450 shipped and fully insured in the continental USA.
  14. Closing this up and listing elsewhere
  15. Going to list elsewhere for now.