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  1. I thought about dedicated prescription sunglasses but too cheap to spend the extra money for another pair. Who knows, the cost of transition lenses may be as much as a new pair. LOL
  2. So I saw some threads about colors of lenses. I am getting new glasses in a couple weeks and am going to do the Transition lenses. Anybody have any experience with these lenses as far as what a good overall color is good for the beach? Lots of experience here!
  3. I like to go straight back at Harkness and go left to the rocks. Had a huge school of very large bluefish in there 2 years ago 30 feet from shore. Unfortunately the only thing i caught was some 2 inch bait fish snagged on my treble hook. Lol. Was fun watching them though!!!!!
  4. I actually pollinate my tomato plants myself. (it really helps production) Just take a small craft paintbrush and go flower to flower with it. My tomatoes are in a greenhouse grown hydroponically and it takes very little time. You should find a big increase in fruit.
  5. I have the same air fryer. Makes the best fries. Even better than my deep fryer.
  6. I've always, in addition to smoked hocks, added a little liquid smoke. If I put it in the smoker after, even better!
  7. Hopefully grilled striper or smoked bluefish!
  8. Damn! I may go this weekend to listen to the waves. OK, I'll take the pole. LOL
  9. Has anybody seen fish around in this area? I'm going to give it a try this week but was interested in getting a heads up!
  10. Decades ago when I fished a lot, all I carried was a rod and a single bucktail. LOL. My wife likes to go to the beach with me and likes to take a cooler and chair etc. I like the sled idea but after looking at these posts, I think I will be making a 2 wheel cart. Crap, another project.
  11. I put 40# power pro on it and the few times I fished last year, it seems to work nice with the Penn. I'll be fishing mostly plugs and soft baits.
  12. Just joined today. A little background: one year in the mid eighties I fished the surf 300 days. I haven't surf fished in 35 years now. Got my old rod out and went to check the flex and it broke in two. Decided to purchase a 10'6" Mojo from LL Bean(credit card points, it was free) and put my old Penn 650SS on it. Used it twice last year and it seemed like a decent setup. Just wondering about replacing the Penn( still in great shape) with maybe a Shimano Sedona or Stradic. Any thoughts? Maybe just keep the Penn? Happy to be back on the beach!!!!!!!