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  1. Bad dudes are not only those who do not use uniforms...let's see if he he'll have the same trial as a smuggler!
  2. pressphotog and The Riddler Thanks for your replies. What you said is exactly right. I'm looking to put in practice: a spring fish with a really fat belly it's very possible it's laden with eggs. And even, I'm looking further understanding when it's male or female in order to take the decision of keeping it or not. Taking care of this may save the next generation of stripers and allows the generations (son, grand-son, grand-daughter, etc.) to come to enjoy like us.
  3. I went out with few friends but they do not keep or eat stripers. I love fish but I would play my part in the conservation of the specie. Would anyone comment in what's the best time to keep stripers without putting in risk their reproduction?
  4. It looks Blues are getting Island Beach State Park NJ. Someone caught a big one down there.
  5. I just bought a 2021 Hobie Outback. It looks to me very stable, smooth and comfortable but expensive when adding all the accessories to be ready to hit the water. It's very easy to add an electric motor and transducer mount comes ready for Lowrance tripleshot.
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