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  1. There’s an active shortstix thread in this forum
  2. Interested in the 2 spinning rods. I’m going to be at Mansion Marina later. Any chance of meeting up?
  3. You’re still the best, Herb! Hope all is great. Always room for you on the boat if you’re in town. Especially in the fall (albies).
  4. You can drill bigger holes and use automotive flat grommet type rubber plugs for times you may not want them.
  5. On the boat, you may consider this. Keep a wet towel in it. Weighs it down, keeps the line wet and you can stand the rod in it when running. 8 bucks at the Swedish place.
  6. More like 24-2500 to fix. Just had mine done (‘03). Didn’t show any signs of corrosion, but I wanted to sleep a little better. In my 3rd season with . Original owner put 400 hrs on. I’ve got it up to 720 now. Provided you don’t have that issue or the oil pan / t stat corrosion it’s a great motor. At least it’s been for me. Quiet, good enough power. ( ‘03 Scout 235) Longevity wise, I can’t help you on.
  7. Been putting one of these "Heat" rods to work on some nice sized blue fish the last couple of weekends. Holding up like a champ. I prefer the shorter rods on the boat. I'm liking the rubber grip and it throws nicely too. For 100 bucks, you can't go wrong.
  8. May want to list in the fly fishing BST sub forum
  9. Call Felipe 732 222 1026 Blue Line Marine transport Great guy.
  10. Sorry, very busy these days. I found it. Looks like I made some mods to it back when I was using it. Looks ready for wheels. I may have the hard wheels that came with it too. Not sure. All those old toys are under the deck.
  11. Sure. I’ll do it tomorrow
  12. I've got the cart, but no wheels if you can source them somewhere else. I think I gave them away. Been sitting under the deck for awhile. Not sure what it looks like. You can have it for free. I'm on Staten Island.
  13. Use the viair. I think I have the 88p model. Works great. Alligator clips to the battery. Anything that plugs into the lighter is going to be low powered.
  14. Still available?
  15. I'll take 10 of each. Let me know what the total is with shipping to 10306. Thanks