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  1. For the past week or two I have been fishing the herring run. While trophy stripers have been pulled out daily, it seems as though I am cursed with catching stripers solely in the 25-29 inch range. I am yet to see a 30+ this Spring. Are the lures too small? Go big or go home? Or should I focus on other parts of the river? I hope to break this curse before I end up chasing the stripers back to the salt in a few weeks.
  2. Update: They are; nothing bigger than 15", probably will stay that way for a bit. On the flip side, I can't believe that I am saying this, but it is difficult to fish for stripers because of the sheer amounts of herring in the rivers. 80% of my casts involved striking the broadside of a herring and retrieving scale-filled hooks the past few days.
  3. Any word from the guys in Plum Island and Salisbury? Schoolies have been pulled out in Gloucester, but the million-dollar question is: Have they hit the freshwater? I like to hear it from the old shad guys, they never miss a day out on the river and I know for sure that they may hold the 'yes' or 'no' when it comes to catching the first schoolie of the spring.
  4. Yes; last year when the water was extraordinarily low. Id rather do it with a bigger boat because getting shad that tend to perform a seizure onto the small boat sucks. By god just do not do it right now.
  5. Over the weekend I was averaging 4 shad a day; all of them were within a window of two hours, either mid-day, or sunrise/set. On the other hand, a guy was lighting them up a few days ago, at least twenty. He wades out there, sits on his little stool in the current no matter the spot, and wrecks havoc on the schools while everyone gets skunked. See him every other year. Absolute madman. Yeah, like mikez said, these are the threads you have to revise to make extra sure you did not just let go of the specific spot and thus your parking spot for the month.
  6. The Merrimack is producing. Still not in crazy numbers with it being still early in the season, but they're here.
  7. That estimate is absolutely correct. There should be enough shad to be fishable by the end of Spring Break, assuming that the Shad, albeit in small numbers, have already arrived.
  8. Hit the Merrimack 5 days ago, definitely has herring piling up towards the dam. I spotted a few herring jumping in the whitewaters and occasionally near the bank; the cormorants got the word too. OTW spoke of shad spotted in the North shore rivers, but I'll have to go down there this weekend as an early bird. I just never heard of shad arriving this early at all and I am a bit skeptical overall. Digressing a bit, the water level in the Mack is fishable as of now, but I do not want it decreasing any further.