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  1. I started this tread with a specific title and description with the hope to hear primarily from owners or witnesses of a 2020-2021 Subaru Outback driven in soft sand. Good intentions by those who have them are appreciated. First-hand knowledge and experience even more so. In my own experience on two LI beaches, my stock all season tires, at 16psi, X-Drive on and TC off worked flawlessly. Your mileage may wary, and you may get stuck, and you already know that. My car is now lifted 2” for an additional piece of mind though I don’t believe that that’s necessary. I would still like to hear from people who drove or saw this particular model driven on beaches with soft sand, lowered tire pressure enough, turned on X-drive, turned off TC and had a blast or got stuck in a sand beach somewhere, including the conditions that may have contributed. All of your cars are better than mine. Thank you
  2. 2021 Subaru Outback Limited, 16psi, X-Drive on and traction control off - no problems driving on a couple of Long Island beaches. Saw other Subarus each time. Best to keep traction control off though I didn't have issues one time when I tried with TC on. It all depends on the conditions. Even very capable 4x4s with high clearance and low drive can get stuck in very soft/deep/wet sand. Have a great time, would like to know how it went
  3. I took the Outback to Long Island Gilgo and Robert Moses beaches. Stock tires, deflated to 16psi, disabled traction control. No issues. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. *
  5. Anyone drove or saw someone drive their 2020-2021 Subaru Outback on the southern LI beaches with soft sand? Any issues? It's a relatively light car with 8.7in of ground clearance. I was told that airing down to 15-20psi, turning on X-mode, switching to manual mode and using 1st or 2nd gear, turning off traction control, taking element ramps or similar and a small shovel, and a sprinkle of common sense should be fine? Thanks