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  1. I used the Accurate one for a few years and had no problems. I must say that the vs 7' pliers are second to none though. Good luck
  2. Yes of course, otherwise there would be one hell of a birds nest. Or just lock it up (easier with a trolling motor) when u can control drift speed
  3. Tsunami has a few great rods right now. No bad for the money
  4. No limits that I’m aware of. I seem to see more of them just before and after a hurricane is in the area.
  5. Forerunners are pretty nice trucks. If you wanna outright I would consider just getting it fixed
  6. You could always back it with a piece of marine grade plywood. I would consider using bolts and nuts with locking threats
  7. Guys seem to really like them. If you’re using 11-12 foot surf Rod’s just make sure that the angle is right to not catch all the trees on the way to the beach
  8. If money is no object. It’s really hard to beat the Toyota Tacoma. They seem to hold out well if you live near the beach. Little pricey to fix when needed.
  9. Sounds like a fun trip. I worked on a charter boat for about five years. The best thing I saw for Seabass is an ounce and a half jig head tipped with a large tube bait. I used to use a large jig head with 7 inch murder oil worms. The kind you use for largemouth bass. That always works well for me
  10. I would totally trust it.
  11. I have used minnow traps for eels. I anchored them to sod bank (Deep side). Believe it or not I used cooked spaghetti as the bait. Worked well.
  12. Thank you very much!! Great Info
  13. Thanks
  14. Guys, I have been surf fishing for nearly thirty years. Just the last few years I have been building a collection of high end gear. There is a big difference forsure. I own Van staal reels and like them. I have been in the market for a Zee Baas reel but I am not sure how the sizes compare to a Vanstaal. I own a VS200,VS150 and VS100. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks