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  1. Can I ask for your advise? Would you consider the Autopilot 136 a salt worthy hull? I'm really starting to lean towards getting the proper boat and all the safety stuff in order before I find myself in a situation I can't get out of and wishing I had done it right. Money wouldn't mean so much then..
  2. Got me in the mindset of 2 kayaks now...I don't think I would ever be 10 Miles out, but having the right hull is something I didn't think much about when I purchased the Jackson. Course, I wasn't even thinking salt back then, but it makes sense that it wasn't built for inshore and I might be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  3. NHAngler, LOL, yeah I will launch during shark week! And I never really did learn how to swim, so it s/b interesting. I checked out all those options you listed (thanks!) I really like the Newport setup, but man, the batteries are like 1K. So if I got that and the battery, costs more than my kayak. Then I made the mistake of checking out the Old Town autopilot. Now I'm trying to rationalize having two Kayaks (Fresh/Salt) and trying to convince myself that my 21 year old son might be able(and want) to join me...then that leads to a trailer...LOL. Maybe this is all a "next year" thing and I need to get out there with the paddle, hug the shore and know the tide tables.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, looking at aftermarket. I do not have a pedal yak, so it would be either bow or transom mount. Im on the CT side of LI sound. hoping to launch in Bridgeport. You?
  5. Thinking seriously about getting one Overall, are you happy or disappointment you went this route? Does it add to the effort to paddle(or peddle) when not actively using Purpose: I bought a Jackson Mayfly last year, fished some local lakes. I'm very happy with it, but... I have the itch to go out in the salt this year. Trouble is, I'm a hesitant to dip my toes in the ocean. Well, it my case it is Long Island sound, so not really the ocean. It does get fairly rough out there. I would mostly be hugging the shores and such, but my hesitation with the kayak(motor-less) is that I will paddle somewhere and then have trouble if the tides is against me getting back ashore. Plus, it think I would use it a bunch on larger fresh water lakes too.. I know I need a Salt/Freshwater model, would like to keep it under $1000. Not really interested in the side mount thing, would prefer control from the cockpit. Any experience, recommendations, words of advice? Thanks, Larry
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply. For the gear - I just purchased a 10 ft Penn Spinfisher combo for the striped bass, fishing from shore in the Housatonic River in Shelton. All my rods and reels are lighter setups for Trout and Bass, but I do have 2 old SW outfits(about as old as me), inherited from my Dad. Eagle Claw Granger Mos8 Ocean w/ Penn 710 Reel and a No-Name Fiberglass 9ft w/ Dawia 2500c.Reel I think I s/b good now to get my feet wet, but would like to eventually replace the old gear. I have a YAK, but have only went out on lakes, I'm not sure I want to be in the sound with it. Caught a bunch of snappers as a youngster, but never a big bluefish. Fished a lot at Seaside Park, grew up in Bridgeport. Is there anywhere you recommend from shore? Thanks again, Larry
  7. Hi All, I'm mostly a fresh water guy, but recently got bitten by the Striped Bass bug. I live in Southern CT and would like to target both Striped Bass and Bluefish. My saltwater tackle is pretty slim (for now) but I do have some spoons, a few lures recently purchased, and even some circa 70s/80s giant wooden plugs. I think we called em googly eyes back then. Everything I have are treble hook based, I want to convert them to single. I would be practicing catch and release. With that in mind, a few questions: Would the "action" of the lure be affected? I'm guessing, as long as I match the size there s/b no issue? Is there a make/brand that everyone recommends for this? Anyone have a favorite? When I fresh water fly fish, some local waters want barb less, or the barb to be crushed. Would this be a good idea for Bluefish, or would I not get a good hookset on this species? Thanks! Larry